Thursday, February 9, 2017

Brothers in Hockey

This year, B and b are playing on the same hockey team.  Enrollment in our local program is low, so they combined ages 9-12 in one group.  The boys like the informal nature of the Blue vs. White teams because that means they can wear their Toronto Maple Leaf gear during games.
It does make it tough on b, though, as he is one of the youngest and smallest players, having just turned 9 in November.
It is pretty hard to get him to understand the implications of this grouping.  We tell him that in a couple of years, he will play even better having played with the older boys. 

Tuesday night, B scored 2 goals in their game.  b kicked him each time.  He just gets mad and wants to score goals like his big brother.  Brotherly love, right? 

 While b was happy to have his team score, and he gave a fist pump to anyone else who scored, the competitive craziness he has with his brother often presents itself in a "less than friendly" way.  Of course if someone else had kicked B, then b would have rushed to his defense and kicked them. 

B picked #34 for Auston Mathews.  b picked #98 for the year his Dad won the championship in Columbus.  These weren't their first choice in numbers, but out of what was left they picked them.  I need to take B's in to get a real # put on the back - HA!

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