Friday, July 3, 2015

What I've Been Reading

It's a well known fact that I am a Bible Study junkie in the summer. I have had several friends ask me what I have been reading lately, so I thought I would post it here!
I have actually been reading even more than usual, because I have not been working my usual summer job.  Of course I was disappointed to miss out on the extra cash, but my spirit really needed this extra rest time more than I imagined!

Here is a quick run down of my summer book stack...

I have loved getting to know Lysa TerKeurst this summer!  Our small group just read Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl.  We all absolutely loved it!  I have taken so many notes and plan to re-read and continue to study what I have learned from her insights. I also read Made to Crave, and am continuing through the accompanying daily devotional - such an awesome read on allowing God to help us in getting fit!  I am currently in the last chapter of Unglued, which is so timely for me, and sure to help in my relationships when I return to work in the fall.  I highly recommend all of these books!

Of course I have continued on with reading selections from my BFF, Beth Moore!  I'm finishing up Whispers of Hope, which I had started long ago, but never completed.  I am also wrapping up a study on John, the Beloved Disciple.  I have really enjoyed the videos and the in-depth homework - I know I am a nerd!

I also pulled my previously-bought-on-sale-but-unopened copy of Kelly Minter's No Other Gods off of the shelf, and have really gained some fresh perspective in working through it. This study is so relevant to the times we live in, and so purposeful for the struggles we face!
Today, I am actually starting Lifeway's Online Summer Study - a little late, but that's okay! It is a great format that allows you to jump in at any time.  It is also by Kelly Minter, What Love Is.  
Since I have just finished the other study on John, this is sure to be an excellent follow up!

So, that's it!  Wonder what else I might be able to squeeze in this month??  Haha!  I truly wish I had time to be this diligent during the school year in my reading and studies.  Those are the times that I need them the most.  

What are you reading this summer??

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