Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday {New Wedding Rings} {The Best Latte Ever} {Bobbie Cat} {Advent} {Elf on the Shelf}

{New Wedding Rings}
The Canadian and I haven't worn our wedding rings in a long, long, long, time.  It isn't because we hate each other or anything, it is because due to his construction work, and due to the obsessiveness I have with handwashing and hand lotion, our "real" wedding rings are annoying.
I saw these rings mentioned on a local Crossfit page, and although we aren't crazy fitness nuts, these Qalo rings seemed perfect, and they are!!  Comfortable, modestly priced, and perfect for our simple life.

{The Best Latte Ever}
I recently had one of the *best* handcrafted lattes I have had in my life.  For real.  It was at a local joint, Midtown Coffee House.  It was seriously fabulous and the atmosphere in this charming cafe is relaxingly perfect.  Look at this adorable barrel seat/stool at our table...

{Bobbie Cat}
I love this picture I took of Bobbie Cat today.  Isn't it hysterical??  
She was in her Christmas collar, and acting all sultry and posing.  HA!  I swear I am *still* not a cat person.  Case in point was when recently, she made the neighborhood facebook lost and found...
LAWD.  She is a wanderer, you know, having been feral for her first year.  She was 3 doors up hanging with an elderly woman.  I went in to get her and she was stretched all out like a queen on some fancy padded dining room chairs.  She couldn't be bothered with me and acted like she had no idea who I was.  This went over especially well, because I am not sure the woman truly believed the cat was mine in the first place.  I looked real legit dragging her out from under that table to take her home.

So since I was behind on getting setup for Advent, THIS my friends, was our Advent "wreath" on Sunday...
Can I get an "A" for effort???  Thankfully, our Jesus Storybook Bible was still "tagged" from last year, so I didn't have to search out readings.
This is still my very favorite storybook Bible (and we have owned MANY).  Trust me, this one is the BEST.  I copied the Advent plan here.  We are really enjoying it, and I shared one of B's "high drama" reactions last night on facebook,
"While reading our Jesus Storybook Advent plan tonight Brodie asked, "Wait, are you telling me there was NO death until Adam and Eve ate that fruit??! I HATE YOU ADAM AND EVE!!!"
He  was so upset.  He even went downstairs and told his Dad what Adam and Eve had done.  Of course we have read that story many times, but I suppose this time, something just "clicked" in regard to the death issue, which has always bothered him so.

{Elf on the Shelf}
Elfie is back, along with his sidekick Freddie, and as much work as it entails (they won't be young forever-repeat-they won't be young forever), the boys are having a great time with it.
They flew in on December 1st with cookies from Starbucks.
 They've since been up to their old tricks, like donut diving...
 and this year instead of drawing moustaches on our faces, they brought some "stick ons".

What a week it has been already!  I really am glad the holidays are here, along with the magic of the season, and especially the countdown to Christmas Break.

What are you lovin' this week?
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  1. The elf...sigh. Our's is back, as well. I've vowed to be more creative this year. He normally shelf hops and one or twice he goes upstairs. Libby is just obsessed with him this year, so I am upping my game. He has already written the girls a note and last night he built red solo cup tower. I'm not going to make the Pinterest boards, but I am glad he's not so lame this Christmas! :)

  2. I haven't ever thought a whole lot about it but I think I agree with B!! Love the elf!! So glad the holiday's are here too but I really wish there was one or two more weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas. it would really help me out! That cat. #nowords

  3. I am glad y'all found the right thing that works for you. And that Elf was a mischievous one isn't he.


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