Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 Things {Robes without Pockets} {Tim Horton's Coffee} {Waiting on the LORD}

You know, if we stop in the stillness of the morning, even when we have a million other obligations and duties and chores ahead for the day, the LORD will reveal himself, and give us direction.

Here are 3 important things I gleaned during Bible Study this morning...

1 - Never buy a robe without pockets.
No matter how comfy and snuggly a robe appears to be, and no matter how good the deal is when you buy it on clearance at the end of the season, when the cold comes, you must have a place to put your hands.

2 - Never notice your Tim Horton's is getting low without placing an order.
I noticed last week the coffee was getting low, and I knew I should probably place an Amazon order so one of their drones could zip in from Canada with that awesome brew, but I didn't.  Now I have to face a day of grading 70+ final projects without it.  A COLD day.

3 - Never wait on the "thing, person, or event", always wait on the LORD.
I am specifically waiting on a answer from the LORD right now.  I need a direction.  I need a door.  I need discernment.  I need to know what to do, what steps to take - if any.  In the waiting, I have thought about the scripture from Isaiah 40:31, and I know that:
Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.
But what I didn't know, or realize, or think about, until this morning in Bible study, is that we need to be careful of our focus during the waiting (thank you Beth Moore for that insight).

In thinking about our focus while waiting, we need to ask, ourselves, are we waiting on the LORD, or are we actually waiting on "the thing" to come, or "the person" to change, or "the event" to happen?

Are we waiting on Him?  Are we waiting with Him?
If we are feeling weak, and tired, and weary, and faint, we might not be - and we may need to check our focus.  Focus has been such a recurring theme for me recently, I know it is time for me to "check myself" in this area of my own personal wait.

Strength, endurance, and power come to us when we wait on Him.  We are strengthened in the assurance that while waiting, He is at work using all things for our good (Romans 8:28).  We are refreshed and comforted in knowing that He is close to us during the time of our call to Him (Psalm 145:18).  We are confident that bravery and courage will come to us while we wait with Him (Psalm 27:14).

He is at work.  He is with us.  He sustains us.

And suddenly, there is a new focus for my waiting, and some direction for how to get through it.

What are you waiting for today?  
Are you waiting for the thing, person, or event, or are you waiting on Him?

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