Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday {Wedding Weekend} {Pumpkin Patch} {What to Write?} {Fall Mojo}

{Wedding Weekend}
One of the Canadian's "brothers" was married this weekend.  The Canadian and B were in the wedding.  
B was super cute!!  
It was funny to see random photos of him at the wedding, pop-up on facebook.
Little b was upset that he was not in the wedding and so he went to the movie with Nana. This photo is from rehearsal...
B had a great time, though, and it was nice to see our Canadian friends who had come down for the event.

{Pumpkin Patch}
We took the boys to the pumpkin patch this weekend to find the "Great Pumpkin". 
It was strange, as this was the first time I didn't have them in special halloween attire or matching shirts. 
They are growing up.  Le sigh.

{What to Write?}

I want to write a book.  What should it be about?  I have several ideas in the works and several genres in mind.  I even attended a webinar on writing a textbook - something I had not even considered. There are so many instructors who write their own texts.  Of course I don't have time to write a book, but I can still think about it...

{Fall Mojo}
I may, just may, be turning the corner.  I think I am finally over mourning the loss of summer and am starting to embrace the coming holidays.

I'm trying!


  1. I love love the wedding pic, can y'all photoshop little b in there for your Christmas card?! lol. I too want to write a book, I got 60% of the way through writing one and my computer crashed and I don't think it can be recovered :( It's fun to think about, though!

  2. Brodie is so cute! His hair "swoop" is just precious. I'm sure he stole the show, little stud!

  3. You look great!! I love the tuxes. The colors are gorgeous! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Y'all look great at the wedding.
    I love the idea of you writing a book and I am sure you can do it.


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