Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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Over 40 Problems 
So I have a broken tooth.  It is so badly broken, they cannot crown it. I am really really really mad at myself about it.  I chipped a smaller part of it off, and I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE DENTIST RIGHT THEN.  But, I didn't and it broke worse, beyond repair.   I have 3 options:  pull it (about $200), bridge it ($3000) or dental implant ($5000).  Guess which one I am going for???  Listen, I don't think you can even see the tooth.  I can't really imagine myself smiling that hard.  After they extract it, I will post a picture and you can tell me if you think I need to refinance my house to buy a tooth or just move back to Alabama. 

School Schmool
Back to school bull hockey has been such a RUDE interruption to my summer.  I hate homework.  I hate rushing.  I miss my kids.  I don't have any time for anything.  Blah.  I am wondering if there is a small island we can move to.  The Canadian can take out fishing charters, and I will train dolphins and home school the boys.  We'll live in a grass hut and eat pineapples and grilled mahi mahi every day.

Speaking of Fish
Shark Week was fun.  The boys had a great time having snacks and talking about the shows.
While watching an episode of some crazy scientists attempting to attract sharks, B told me that he wants to go down in a cage with the sharks.  He wants to explore the world's oceans and discover new animals.  I was delirious as my heart swelled with pride, but my Mother, who was sitting near by, looked green and swore she'd wouldn't have the heart to survive him doing that. I guess it will be one of those, "I can't know that", things.

Midlife Crisis?
I have been contemplating major changes lately.  I feel trapped.  In the education field, you really shouldn't abandon your career and shift gears or you lose some wonderful retirement opportunities.  I keep wondering if it is just a midlife thing.  Life seems so short, but that is a double-edged sword.  On the one hand you think, it's short, so make changes now, don't live in misery.  On the other hand you think, it's short, retirement will be here before you know it, don't quit now.  Ugh.  Still waiting on that book with all of the answers to fall from the sky so I will know what to do.

And Speaking of Books
I am almost finished with Beth Moore's Children of the Day.  It has been such an interesting study to work through this summer.  I didn't realize there would be so much eschatology in it, but there is and it is sooooo interesting!  I have pulled out my copy of her Daniel study, which goes right along with that topic as well, and I have studied up a storm.  If I didn't have to work, I would be such a nerd.  I would be knee deep in commentaries and historical records.  I would take a class and learn Hebrew and Greek so I could read original texts.  Seriously.

Bloggy Friends
I am enjoying catching up with my blog friends.  I miss the old days in Blogland!  Several of us stay in touch on Instagram now, more so than on blogs.  I guess you would officially call that "micro-blogging".  I miss the weekly blog hops and other memes we used to participate in.  Some of my favs in no particular order...unless you are listed first hahaha, Beth...
Beth http://theparkmanfamily.blogspot.com/
Traci http://thetracichronicles.blogspot.com/
Kerri http://thepleasuresofmylife.blogspot.com/
Ruth http://thisgritstale.blogspot.com/
Sarah http://throughthewindowblog.blogspot.com/
Daphne http://www.flipflopspearlsandwine.com/  
Trish http://hargrovetwins.blogspot.com/
My Aunt asked me one time, "Kerri Jean, are these people really your friends?"  Well, I feel like y'all are!  I know if we were ever in the same town together, I'd try to meet up with you for coffee (Beth/Trish), or wine (Daphne), or Caliente (Traci), or McDonald's (Kerri and we could work on our book), or to try a new recipe (Ruth), or to learn to cook vegan (Sarah).  Of course, truthfully, Beth and I practically live in the same town and we kinda know each other in real life so we don't meet up in person.  That is odd interesting, isn't it?  and Trish and I used to see each other more often, but now the kids are at different schools. But really, we have all been through some stuff here together, some real life things, weight gains, weight losses, workouts, pregnancies, losses, babies, toddlers, first days of school, recipes, crafts, home tours (remember those Daph?!), confessions, careers, vacations, birthdays...seriously, we have been through some real things and I think we are real friends.  What do y'all think?


  1. Kerri Mann, you are my real friend!! I loved the blog shout out...1st on the list, baby! Why don't we meet up for coffee sometime? Or a play date or a pool date? Let's do it! Ooh, we could meet at a park and run. I really dislike running, but I like socializing so I often trick myself by meeting others to walk and run. Tricky, tricky! Love ya!

  2. I totally think we're friends! People that don't blog don't get it at all but that's ok. I think we'd have a blast at Caliente drinking Jose Specials!!

  3. I definitely consider you, and some other blog friends, to be real friends. Speaking of which, are you on Facebook? We should be friends there too. I don't really do Instagram. I have sometimes wished my blog friends and I all lived close to each other. We both need to start blogging more again so we "see" more of each other :). I've been terrible lately. Hoping that with a new school year routine I will improve.


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