Sunday, August 10, 2014

Miscellany Mann: {Back to School} {Shark Week} {New Job} {Uncle Dick}

~~After a whirlwind summer, the boys are back to school and we are creating our new "normal" routine.  I do loathe the school year.  Rushing.  Homework.  Work. Obligations.  Blah.
B to 3rd grade and b to 1st grade
Luckily, they did not balk too much.  There were no tears or gnashing of teeth. except for me, I cried after I dropped them off. I am worried there might be some whining in the next couple of weeks as the reality of the school year sets in.   I try to act excited around them, even adopting a suggestion from a friend to give them a "dominate the day" pep talk of sorts on day 2.  This was their reaction:
we aren't feeling it, Mom
~^~If summer must end, at least we have Shark Week to look forward to.  We don't watch a whole lotta tv around here any more, but I imagine this week we'll be tuned in to the Discovery Channel.  Speaking of sharks, the brothers Mann had a fun time visiting a few sharks this summer in Florida.
only took iphone photos this summer...what??!
One in particular was named Vicky.  According to announcer, she likes to rest on her back due to a skin condition.
Nobody was really buying that story.  One man even said, "I watch the Discovery Channel, that shark is DEAD!"  But, the workers swore she was fine and that she was receiving medication in the water.
hope they were telling the truth, Vicky!
~~I started my new job last Monday.  We arrived home from a week in Pinehurst, NC on Sunday night at 9pm, and I was off to work the next morning.  Yay.  I could hardly believe it.  We were so busy all summer, and out of town so much, it was literally a blur.
Seriously, I am very thankful to have a job, especially with all of the cuts they have made in our district recently, but let's just say work is beyond crazy right now.  Beyond.  
the struggle is REAL
Anywho, I am working as a Technology Integration Specialist, which is very similar to what I was doing before (Instructional Technology Specialist), only with a different implementation model for training school personnel.  If you are keeping track, I am still an Adjunct Professor for a university as well.  I worked all summer, teaching online.  Work work work.
Summer, can we have a do over?!?
~~One last great uncle Dick died this past week.  He was ready.  When I visited with him last, he told me that he was.  I am glad I have that memory.  I was able to hold his hand, talk with him, pray with him, and tell him I loved him.
here, Uncle Dick is receiving an honorary seminary degree for his work in ministering to others.  he conducted a prison ministry among many other endeavors to bring others to Christ.
For as long as I can remember, Uncle Dick has always asked me, "Where is that red-headed boy I saw you with?"  He was just picking, you know, trying to get a rise outta me.  As I got a little older I dished it back one time and asked him, "Where's that red-headed lady I saw you with?!" Well he just thought that was hilarious and often told others about it with a big laugh.  At his visitation on Friday, I walked up to see him one last time.  Alone at the casket, and this time through tears, I asked him again.  
"Where's that red-headed lady I saw you with, Uncle Dick?"
I hope he was smiling from Heaven.
Happy Sunday.


  1. Your Uncle sounds like an amazing man. I often think that people who truly do God's work day in and day out must move to the front of the line when they get to heaven, right?!
    We start school two weeks today and I am dreading it....isn't that terrible? I would do better if I could work 3 days a week instead of 5! I always feel like I am just getting by here at home...which isn't good for my personality! Oh is what it is! Good luck with your change in positions!

  2. Glad to see you back in blog land. But of course I was able to keep up with your busy summer via Instagram. I had to report back in July (because of my 10 month schedule) and it was just mean. However, school has been back in full swing whether despite my denial! Hope you and boys have a great school year.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss but happy that you have such wonderful memories. It's awesome to know when they go that they're ready. No regrets just looking forward to their eternal life. Hope things settle down some & you get in a routine soon. Even though I don't have any kids I hate when school starts because the traffic is AWFUL!!!

  4. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you enjoy the new position.


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