Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mom, are we poor? {life lessons from the trenches}

Mom, are we poor?
Three times B has asked this question over the last few days.
Not exactly sure what sparked it.
Could it be all of the time we have spent golfing  (thanks to family donations) at country clubs, recently?
I suppose it was inevitable.
At some point, the magic of childhood innocence starts to fade.
Why do you ask that?
He didn't seem to have a specific reason.
I don't know.  I just want to know if we are poor.
These are the times when you wish Siri could just give you the right answer.
How do you tell the truth, but not make them feel insecure?  How do you explain that in the grand scheme of the world, we are not poor at all, very rich in fact, but perhaps in our society we merely get by?  How do you make them understand that financial wealth is trivial, fleeting and meaningless, when they are bombarded with the excessive more-more-more society we live in?
I thought about offering some eloquent 'Mom Talk', about how we are rich in love and family, but I knew that wasn't what he was after.  He's too smart for that now.
I decided to keep it simple.
No.  We are not poor.
I should have expected what was coming next.
Well then, are we rich?
No, we are not rich either.  We are average.
Average. Ugh.
That word drudged up the old "not good enough" and constant insecure feelings from a girl I once was knew, a girl who hid in the floorboard of her Dad's old truck because she was too embarrassed to be seen in it.  A girl who moved often, and who didn't always invite friends over.  A girl who ran home crying from the bus stop one day in her "Kmart" jeans.  A girl who swore she would have plenty of money when she grew up.  A girl who didn't learn until she was in her 30s that there is no real value in materialistic dreams.
Well, we won't be when I grow up, because I'm gonna be rich.
I hope so, son.  I hope so.
But I hope it won't matter to you.  And I hope you'll always feel confident along the way, no matter what your financial circumstances.  And I hope you will be kind and generous to others, and use your talents and resources to serve.
I hope.

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  1. He'll be that person because that's how you're raising him! :)


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