Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Finds

This Friday finds me...

{1} wondering if I will ever get over this naggy sickness that has been hanging around since Saturday.  I barely have a voice left and of course today was my day to be the "Mystery Reader" in B's class.  We survived, though, and I enjoyed "playing teacher" again for a while.  I read My Pen Pal, Santa since they have been learning to write friendly letters this week.
{2} agonizing over weighing too much.  It is getting pretty scary.  Every time I get on track with eating and working out, I get sick and quickly derailed again.  I must have no immune system.  I think stress is making me chronically ill.  Of course our weather doesn't help.  So cold I couldn't feel my toes last Saturday, and tonight I am running the AC.
{3} staring at this mess.  Our house is disgusting.  I have become "that person" I used to talk about.  It is so bad, I just sit and stare and think, why bother?  I don't know what to do about it.  Don't ever drop in to visit.  I won't let you in.
{4}  feeling trapped.  I am working too much.  It is making me crazy (er).  Last time working extra got to be too much I quit for a while.  Then I was counting out quarters to buy gas for the car and food for the kids.  For real.  So, if I did that again, it would be stressful too, and wouldn't really relieve the stress I am under from working am. trapped.
{5} lost in thought.  I loved these 2 blog posts from Ann Voskamp this week. When It is Hard To Believe in Miracles at Christmas and When You Are This Close To Giving Up Hope.  I know she is too deep for some, but I do relate to her writings and I am envious of her connectedness.
{6} contemplating finding a literary agent in Atlanta.  I have no idea how to do this.  I have just started researching it, and apparently you have to have a literary agent unless you have a connection with a publisher.  I have several little book projects I have worked on over the years, and I am just thinking I might as well give it a whirl.  Practically all authors talk about having to go through years of rewrites and rejections, so I may as well get started on that misery now, right?  Because I don't have enough to do, right??  Because I have tons of spare time to work on something that may "never amount to nothing" and I have no clue of how to even do, right??!!
{7}  feeling guilty.  As always, I feel guilty for whining because I am truly lucky that the crap I whine about is this kind of crap.  I should be thankful.  I may never get my act together.  yadda blahda.

What are you finding this Friday? 


  1. I like the new name.
    And that weather picture is so true. We were 73 Wednesday in Memphis and Friday a high of 34 with ice.

  2. It's your blog you can whine if you want to! Sorry for your stress & that you've been sick. People are always saying the weather doesn't make you sick, germs do. Well, guess what?? Apparently, the germs are running rampant with the weather change. I was sick too. Our weather is ridiculous. We're finally seeing sun after like 5 days. So annoying.


Kerri says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I LOVE reading your comments.

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