Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey Trot 2013

Last Friday, the boys participated in the Turkey Trot (1 mile) at their school.  As you know, B is our obsessive competitor in everything. 

I wasn't even sure b would want to take part, but he did.  He is really coming out of his shell lately, and joining in with things socially.
The 2nd grade raced first.  B was determined and took off like a flash.  He ran his heart out. I was afraid he might hurt himself trying to win. {as a side note, he has been sore for several days after the race, even telling me his legs "wouldn't work" the morning after haha}
When he rounded the corner coming in, all you could see was his bright orange hair blowing as he sped to the finish line. 

He was exhausted and told me he felt a little sick.  He finished 8:32 in 6th place.  He really wanted to win, but didn't fall apart over it.
He got some water and was having fun with his friends in no time.  This was the first year that he ran by himself.  He is growing too fast!
The Kindergarteners were up next.  I had to run with b, as the Canadian has an injured foot (or so he said). When the whistle blew, b took off running fast.  I encouraged him to pace himself.  He kept asking excitedly, "Am I winning?!" 
He did a combo of skipping and running for about a quarter of the way and then he started slowing down.  He started saying, "Shew!  I am tired!"  I kept encouraging him to keep going, and we ran/walked on.  After a big hill he was panting and as his chest was heaving he said, "Oh Mommy!  I think my heart is breaking!"  I assured him that his heart was fine, and we kept going, with me pulling him along by his hand.  We finished 16:05 - ha!  He was proud to get his string bag for participating and wore it proudly. 

The 1st place winners received a turkey.  It was cute, as the majority of the Kindergarteners thought the prize for winning was a real live turkey.  I heard them asking where the turkey was and discussing what they would do with it, if they got to bring it home.
Every year I have planned to be physically fit for the Turkey Trot, so that I can run proudly along with my boys.  Haven't been ready yet!  I never wanted to be the "old out of shape Mom" that I have become.  Oh well, there is always next year, right??


  1. Someone is on Fall Break! Two posts in two days? She's a machine! Enjoying catching up on the Manns. :)

  2. That's so cool their school has an event like that. Last spring Celia and I did a fun run. It was only 1/4 mile and she barely made it!


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