Monday, November 25, 2013

Miscellany Monday {Thanksgiving Break} {Whispers of Hope}

{1}  Thanksgiving Break
Yippee!!  We are out this whole week for Thanksgiving Break!  I thought I would not make it, but I did!  It is so wonderful to not have to wake up and spend my day rushing around, stressed and anxious.  Of course hanging out at the house with a 6 and 7 year old isn't the easiest of jobs, but I'll take it!

{2} Black Friday


I am SO overwhelmed with all of the hype over Black Friday this year.  All of the blogs, and pre-sales, early bird specials, etc., have made my head SPIN.  I cannot seem to focus and come up with a set plan of action.  It used to be enjoyable, but now I feel stressed.  I may sit home and shop online.

{3} The Wizard of Oz
As per our yearly tradition, the boys and I watched the Wizard of Oz last night.  We were all crammed in the recliner with a bowl of popcorn for the first part, and then moved up to my bed.  I don't think any of us made it to the very end awake. 
A little piece of "blog trivia" you may remember, my first blog post was about us watching that movie for the first time the week after Blayd was born.  You can check it out here.  Time goes way too fast.
{4}Whispers of Hope
I have started a new Beth Moore book.   Probably not shocking -  I know I am a junkie! :)  I am reading her new 10 week devotional Whispers of Hope.

I am enjoying it so far, and learning, as it teaches a structured way of having your quiet time.  She takes you through a daily prayer process of "PRAISE" - Praise, Repentance, Acknowledgement, Intercession, Supplication of Self, and Equipping.  You know she always make you work for it. ;-)

{5}  Giveaway
Meg is having a BIG giveaway on her blog.  I hope I win!!  We had to pick an item and leave a comment telling why we hoped to get it.
Red Letter
 I chose this and commented:
Kerri - I hope to get “she knew that she was here for such a time as this” from Red Letter Words!  Having turned 40 this year, I struggle because I feel like I am *supposed* to be doing something, but I don’t know what it is. I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me, but I still feel lost.  My mind circles through thoughts like, could it be that I may never, ever do ANYthing important in my life??  Then I circle back around to, well, maybe raising my kids is the important thing. Maybe He will use them one day.  Who knows, but, maybe this ordinary time, is my time.
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  1. Black Friday is always overwhelming. I do my best to avoid it.

  2. I was overwhelmed too & I had no plans to shop Friday. I ended up doing all of my decorating & then I shopped online.


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