Friday, August 2, 2013

What's Up At World {US Kids Golf World Championship} {Rounds 1 & 2}

Well, we're still here in NC for the US Kids Golf World Championship. I remember when we first arrived, I thought I might go insane in this hotel room for all of these days, but I have survived.  Brodie says this place is like a DREAM.  He gets to play golf all day - with other kids who also have a passion for the game - and he gets to run around all evening doing "boy stuff" in the game room and throughout the hotel.
I can only imagine what the hotel workers think.  Last night I jokingly posted on facebook, "There is a 7 & 8 year old version of the United Nations running WILD throughout theMid Pines Inn and Golf Club. If there were any ghosts in this place, as we were told, they have surely decided to "cross-over" (i.e. flee in HORROR) to a more peaceful place..."
The boys were truly running through the halls, racing through the rooms, it was crazy!  The teacher in me wanted to take control and command order, but I just went back to my room, left the Canadian in charge, and let them have fun. They are doing the same thing tonight, too.
I had to work anyway.  I am getting quite skilled at teaching from hotel bathrooms!  It's the only quiet place.
Speaking of work, this is the WORST week for me to be out of town.  Our district had to report back to work yesterday (which is RIDICULOUS that we start school so early), so I am missing the 1st 2 days of work and having to take personal leave.  My 2nd job teaching online just started a new term yesterday, too.  LOTS of work to do with that, so here I am trying to get all of that done.  The boys missed School Registration and Blayd missed his 1st Kindergarten ice cream party.  We will get home Sunday and I will be straight to work on Monday and the boys will start school on Wednesday.  Wow.

Okay, back to happier thoughts...
Round 1 was GREAT.  Brodie played AMAZING.  He was even par through the first 5 holes, and finished +5 tied in 26th place.  It was so fun to watch.  And emotional.  I cried behind my sunglasses because I felt like people were praying for us.  
He was excited, although a tad bit disappointed because he wanted to be in the top 20, but it felt wonderful to see him play so well.  Again, our goal is to finish in the top half of the leader board of about 100 kids, so we were real excited to be on track!
Side note:  There was a little boy in our Round 1 group named "Awesome". Seriously.

Then came today and Round 2... 
We cannot figure out what happened today.  It was a disaster.  The strong point of Brodie's golf game, is that he is consistent.  RARELY does he miss a fairway.  I don't think he missed a fairway this whole week.  His struggle is usually putting.  Well today, was simply unreal.  He was in sand traps, he was in the rough, he would make a good shot and then the ball would take a horrible bounce.  It was a nightmare.  It was like some evil force was zapping him at every hole.
I could hardly stand to watch.  It didn't help that the Dad of the other kid in our group kept shouting things to his kid, like, "What's the WORD?!  FAIRWAY!  Yep, that's what I am talking about!"  It was obnoxious. And tacky.  
Let me just assure you that the Manns NEVER act that way when we are winning.  We are always considerate of the other players, and especially if another Dad starts getting ugly with their kid, the Canadian will go out of his way to praise the child just to spite the "jerk-a-saurus" parent.
Anywho, today was a rough one, and it was so very painful to watch B fight back tears and continue playing throughout that round.  He kept his head up, though, and continued to try.  He just could not get anything going.
I kept praying and asking God that since it was apparently not His will for Brodie to do well, to please help him/us through it.  I know God can use bad circumstances and make something good come from them.  It is so hard to see that and remain positive instead of angry when you are in those painful moments. 
And I know in the grand scheme of life, this is not important and I am fortunate that these are my worries right now.  It is TRULY a blessing that my child's biggest worry is his golf game, and I will give THANKS for that.

So, tomorrow is another day, and the Final Round.  Brodie will have to work hard to make it back to the top half of the leader board. He is ready to try.

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