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Back to School: Kindergarten Lows and Second Grade Highs

Okay, summer break was truly a BLUR.

All of a sudden we're back to the grind.  School is in session.
I HATE the fact that our district goes back to school so early.  In case you are not familiar with Columbus, Georgia, let me assure you - it is TOO dang HOT in early August to have to get dressed in full-on clothes and go to school/work.  I don't give a rat's booty about finishing up semesters before holidays, etc. etc.  It is simply ridiculous.

That said, we are back nonetheless, since last week, and the BIG news at hand is that little b started Kindergarten.  I simply cannot face it.  It has been difficult.

Blog Reader's Note:  Most of this lengthy post is for scrapbook/memory purposes.  I apologize and do not expect you to read all of this Mommy Memorabilia stuff.

On his first day, Wednesday, we got up and were getting dressed and I could tell he had no idea where we were going.  He assumed we were headed to the golf course, poor thing!  That has been the story of his life lately, and the night before we had been in Atlanta at the Tour Championship with B - yes the night before school!

So anyway, he was quite surprised when the Canadian came in and dropped the BOMB , "Are you ready to go to school, Blayd?!"

He immediately balked of course.  Didn't want to put on real shoes (prefers to be barefoot or wear crocs only), didn't want to carry his book bag, didn't want to leave the house, didn't want to go!
He had this look of dazed terror on his face (see above picture outside Mrs. Jones' door).
I am not sure there can be a more awkward photo of my boys than this one.
  Poor things desperately needed haircuts, but we had not been in town enough to get them and then Blayd with his wide-eyed "I am going to WHERE?!" shock face, and Brodie with his, "I am so annoyed by photos" face.

Luckily by the time we arrived at school, he had calmed down a bit and B went in to full-on Big Brother mode marching us in the building and directing us to class.

When we got in his classroom, Mrs. Jones showed him where to put his things and gave him his journal to write in.

He looks SO thrilled!  NOT.

He started to copy the  first sentence and didn't like the looks of his letter, went to erase and it tore a hole in the paper - which if you know anything about him, you know he FREAKED.  I hurriedly said let's turn the page and start again.  Same thing happened again when his "T" wasn't perfect like he wanted it.  I tried to get him just to skip a line and continue and he said in clenched teeth, "I can't do it!" 

I knew we were on the verge of a Class B Blayd Blow-up, so I started to slip away and leave him with it.  There was a lot of commotion in the room with parents everywhere trying to help kids get settled in.  I backed out through the madness and watched him try again.  I knew that Mrs. Jones would come and tell him how she wanted him to deal with it.  I knew I had to leave, and my little icky picky perfectionist was going to have to manage without me.  Still, I hung around the hall a bit to wait for an explosion, or at least a tornado of papers. 
There was nothing. 

I took the opportunity and went to check on B, who had walked himself to his 2nd grade class, dragging the Canadian behind him.  My how times have changed from when he was agonizing over going to Kindergarten.  He was doing great, busy getting settled in and ready for the day.

He had no time for me and clearly did not need me.
I zipped back by the Kindergarten hall, and hearing no screams, I left.
I stayed in continued prayer with my phone glued to my hand all day, just in case.
I waited to take my lunch break late enough so I could pick them up from school.
Suddenly, there was a moment of terror as I found myself standing on the sidewalk, waiting for him to come out... would he be there, how would he look, was he okay??!!

Then there he was.  He looked like he had grown a foot.  And he had his backpack on his back for the first time.  And I started to cry.  Again.

He said it was a good day in Mrs. Jones' class and asked if he could still get a "prize" for going to school.  That afternoon, we took him to Toys R Us and he picked out a big SpongeBob cuddle buddy and had the best time playing with him all evening.

We struggled through homework, as he argued, "I already did this today!" but, he finished.  I knew that the next day would be a whole new thing when he realized he had to go again.
And I was right.

I think day 2 was more pitiful that day one, as he clutched SpongeBob in the car and fighting back tears said, "Mommy, SpongeBob wants to go back to Toys R Us." 
Translation = "Blayd wants to go back home"

It was heartbreaking.  I encouraged him and he said, "Will it be long again?"

Which brings me to another thing I hate about our district.  In the past, Kindergarten did not go a full day and I REALLY wish they didn't now.  A full day is TOO MUCH for them.  Period.

I will tell you, it is SO difficult to remain positive and urge your child to go along with something when every fiber in your being is screaming, "YOU NEED TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM AND HOMESCHOOL THIS CHILD!"

Oh the agony of which I have whined and whined about many, many times here.  Thankful for my job, but really wish I could stay home and raise my kids and take care of our home.  But I can't , so enough of that.

SO anyway, I have encouraged him to go, to wear his shoes (which he strips off the moment he hits the car), and clothes (which he announced this morning he did not like black shirts and demanded a white one), and today was his 4th day.  He still cried a little this morning, but was okay when we got there.

I think he is going to be just like me.  I never liked going to school.  Never.  I still remember how horrible it was to endure.  I would always cry for about the first month of school, until I reached a "tolerating" level of it.  Sadly, I think he will be the same.  He will tolerate going, but never really go with enthusiasm, like his big brother B, who by the way has done well so far in 2nd grade.
Brodie has been sad that his buddies are in a different class this year, but he likes his class and his teacher and seems to be enjoying himself.  The only negative he mentioned was that he had "forgotten how long the school day was".

Tonight he happily finished his homework without argument, and went on his merry way, while I battled it out with b, who by the way asked me in the car this afternoon,
"Mommy, do you know Bill Martin Jr.?"
"Um, no," I responded.
"Well he 'made' Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  He is the author of the month."
"Oh,"  I said, a little bewildered. 
"Yep, and 'A' got out of bed!" he said, as he happily went in to a precious rendition of Chicka Chick Boom Boom will there be enough room.
So I guess there is some fun in Kindergarten for our little b after all.
And apparently, he is listening and learning.
Even if he has to wear socks and shoes.


  1. Can't believe you guys start school so early in August. You guys must get out in early May! Brady had to go to all day kindergarten...half day isn't an option in our school district. I wanted to MOVE! But, he loved it and they really do get more social time than the child who only goes 1/2 day....and social time in kindergarten is important. It is a long day though...I remember by Thursday Brady was soooo tired. I see Brown Bear and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom are a kindergarten staple all over!

  2. Okay, so I loved, i mean LOVED, that awkward photo of your boys! I would frame it! Travis and I were just debating the other day how long Kindergarten was around here...I thought it was a full day. Travis is in shock...he still remembers going to half-day kindergarten and leaving the first day thinking "that was SO long, do I really have to do this the rest of my life?"! I did not mind school and I hope my girls don't either, because it is for sure a LONG day, especially when you add in the homework! We, however, are in Ms. Pat's class right now having a blast! Don't mind delaying "real school" for a bit!

  3. I must admit I got a good laugh at Blayd's scared/stiff/fake smiles in the first few photos. Good stuff! Libby pulls that on me at times until I threaten her.

    I hope he continues to adjust to big school life as the weeks progress. He may end up tolerating better than you think. Only time will tell.

    We start next week. I'll post updates on my blog.

  4. I hope y'all have a great year.

  5. Poor thing!Maybe he'll decide he likes school.


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