Monday, July 29, 2013

The Waiting Game {US Kids Golf World Championship} {Update 2}

Brodie played a full practice round at Pine Needles today.  This is the course where the 7 & 8 year olds will play.  There are over 1800 kids here in Pinehurst, NC, so they have them spread out at various courses to be able to fit everyone in.  The actual Tournament Headquarters for check-in, tournament-related activities, etc., is at Pinehurst Resort.  The older kids will play on those courses at the main resort.
Practice was okay today - not horrible, but not B's best round either.  He will have 2 more practice rounds, one tomorrow and one Wednesday.  Plenty of time to adjust few things.  Of course we are not expecting Brodie to win at this level, but we want to help him do his best and finish as high on the list as possible.  As a broad 1st time goal, we are shooting for the top half of the leader board. 
Of course we will just have to wait and see what happens.

He did have a great time at practice playing with Juan from Mexico and with "Billy" from Taiwan.  We found out later that "Billy" is not his real name, but apparently they tell people that because it is easier to pronounce.  I knew something was fishy when the parents introduced themselves as "Justin" and "Linda".  I might have bought "Linda" but JUSTIN??!  from Taiwan?? Um, NAW!  haha

 Juan was an awesome little player and shot one under today!  He had his golf coach with him, so it is certainly an advantage when your coach is there reading the greens, selecting clubs, helping tee the ball, etc., but I don't mention that to take anything away from Juan, because he is a great little player. :)
I had some really CUTE pictures of all of them practicing today - but I was foiled AGAIN by my new fancy camera that does NOT tell you when you don't have your SD card in.  It lets you happily snap away, never knowing treasured memories are clicking by unsaved.  FRUSTRATING. So, I have NO photos from the golf game today, except a few phone shots.

After practice, the boys hit the game room again and played our "youtube version" of Just Dance Wii.  It is funny that no matter what nationality, they all seem to know Gangnam Style and Michael Jackson.
The game rooms in general, are a HUGE hit.  One father told me that when his son learned he would be coming to World again, he exclaimed, "I can't wait to get back over there and get to those game rooms!"  I see that happening with us as B has been obsessed with getting to the game room to see if anyone is there.  Both resorts, Mid-Pines, where we are staying, and Pine Needles, where he is playing, have a game room.  The kids are seriously crazy about them!
Some of the adults might be the Canadian, who finally had to take on a 9 year old French Ping Pong Master, and Yours Truly, who in true 'me' fashion may or may not have sprained my hand on the Foosball table against a German kid.  I really should leave all sports to the professionals.

Even b has enjoyed the game room fun.  I think that is because he is sooo tired of waiting around all day at the golf course.
He is bored out of his mind and there are only so many things you can do when you are having to wait, wait, and wait some more.  
I have been feeling bad for him.  
Until this evening when he decided to streak the place.  
We were in the game room when suddenly Brodie started yelling, "Mommy have you SEEN Blayd?!  He's STREAKING!!" 
If you have read this blog with any regularity, or if you know us at all, you know my littlest isn't a fan of clothes in general, and loves a good naked run. I still shudder when I think of that day I looked up and saw him running out on the soccer field wearing only a pull-up...
He cut a path through the middle of Brodie's soccer game (in play) and headed for the gate.  With lots of people around.  Staring.  SIGH.
I can only imagine what other parents must say about my Mom skills behind my back.
On another note, looking at that picture I am suddenly thinking, 2 years ago, wow!  
He was only 3 then.
And now he is 5.
And will be starting Kindergarten.
I am so not ready for that!!
And I won't think about that now, I'll go crazy if I do, I'll think about that tomorrow!
Except that I won't have time to think about it, since we have a Daddy Caddy Seminar at 8:15AM, official check-in and photos, a full practice round, demos, and a parade and dance party..and on that note, I'd better go get some rest!!
Good night from NC.


  1. Love reading the updates! And my camera does that too, it has happened to me at LEAST five times, most recently this past weekend at the beach!!! It really needs to beep or something when there is no SD card in it!

  2. I am glad y'all seem to be having a good time so far! Tell B & b that I love them both very much and B good luck this week!!!

  3. The pics are so cute! The nail place I go to is like that. They're all Vietnamese but there names are Mike, Linda, Elvis (love that one), etc. There are certificates hanging on the wall for their business license & certifications they've taken & the names are all stuff that I couldn't begin to pronounce.

  4. What a HUGE tournament with kids from all over! All boys love a good game room! Is Blayd ready for kindergarten? Will he be all day or 1/2 day? You guys start way early!

  5. I am glad everyone is having fun on the trip.


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