Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Terrific Tuesday at US Kids World!

What a busy day we have had in Pinehurst, NC!  We were up very early to take the Canadian to the Daddy Caddy Seminar at the historic Carolina Hotel.  The author of the book Daddy Caddy on the Bag was there to speak to them as well as US Kids Golf personnel.
Then it was off for another practice round at Pine Needles.  I stepped in a photo for once so you will know I am really here - haha.  The Canadian's no photog, and I would rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it as haggard as I am these days.
Today's round was better than yesterday, so we hope tomorrow will be even better!  Brodie was paired with a local Carolina boy today, and a Canadian from Winnipeg.  
Both were very talented!  The Canadian, who is almost 8, said he placed 4th at World last year.  I marvel at that since he cannot play year 'round up there in the Great White North except in indoor facilities.
I am sad that I forgot my zoom lens.  I also forgot my camera charger and the computer charger.  Both of which I had to buy replacements for at Best Buy - let's just say it was an expensive oversight on my part. :(
Anywho, poor Blayd is still struggling along.  He looked like this by the 4th hole today. Waiting around quietly is just not his cup of tea.  He did actually pick up a club later, but it was just so he could be distracting and hit balls at my head.  For reals.....
After practice, we had to zoom on over to the Pinehurst Resort for Player Check-in.  It was SO much fun.  They make such a big deal of it!!
I love the banners everywhere, and these were some of my favorites...
There was a great deal of arguing over being forced to pose for all of these pictures today.  I did the best I could through the aggravation!  
It was chaotic in there, but he received a goodie bag full of stuff, had his picture made for the jumbotron, and more!
Later it was time for the big parade from Pinehurst Golf Resort through town and into the Village of Pinehurst.
It was HOT and crowded and crazy - but fun! :)  There were firetrucks, local dignitaries,  beauty queens, and former champions in the parade - but I have no pictures of that!  The players followed and they/we all paraded into town and they held the Opening Ceremonies in the commons area.
Afterward, we came back to the Inn and Brodie had a blast in the game room and playing hide-and-go seek with a bunch of kids and his new buddy from Spain.  Blayd and I hung out in our room so he could work on some drawings and videos, and I had ironing to do.  The Canadian is with some dads in the lounge - STILL (it is after midnight). You know he won't ever leave anywhere until they kick him out. I hope he remembers they have a 9:30 tee time in the morning.


  1. Kerri,
    This is such a cool adventure! Y'all are big time now, it's so cool! What amazing memories.

    Now for my PSA/lecture for the day...You need to be nice to yourself. You are not haggard. You are B and b's mom and they will be delighted to look back at these pictures in the years to come and know you were right there with them every step of the way. You are great! You are worthy! You are a wonderful mom! (Is that enough lecturing for one post?)

    Best of luck to Brodie! What do the golfers say? "Break a club"? Ha! Either way, hope he has a great round!

  2. How fun!! Poor Blayd. Good for him for making the best of it!

  3. Wow, what a great celebration they put on for the kids! Your pics are great....and you look GREAT too! And, don't you love when they can make friends with other kids who love the sport too?! It's my favorite part.
    Good luck Brodie!

  4. What a cool experience! Especially meeting other kids from around the world, all through one common interest. So cool.


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