Monday, June 10, 2013

Miscellany Monday {live and in colour from Crystal Beach, FL}

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 Well, if I am participating in Miscellany Monday, then is really must be summer - yippee!!  As reported yesterday, we are on vacay a the beach!!  Yay!!  Here are some miscellaneous things from days 1 & 2!
{1} The drive down wasn't too bad.  They only asked "Are we there yet?" and "How much longer?!" about 5,000 times vs. the normal 10,000.  The Nintendo ds fights were pretty consistent, though.
{2} It wasn't long, and we were on the beach, blowing bubbles,

surfing the waves,

flying kites,
and more!  Sorry to those strangers we crashed the kite into and those who got hit in the face with the bubble soap.
{3}I have eaten delicious grilled fish for 2 nights in a row - yummo!!!  Mahi Mahi and Grouper!!  Thanks Pompano Joes and Chef Terry!
{4} It rained a LOT yesterday, so we were busy inside, went shopping for a bit, and playing "our version" of Just Dance.  Thank God I have no pictures of that!
{5} We did hit the beach for some crabbin' fun last night.  We caught more crabs this year, than any other.  The boys had a blast!
{6}We have had so much fun hanging with my sister and crew, since they left us and moved to Miss-i-ssip-pi!!

{7}My niece is growing too fast!!

{8}Two tired little boys have slept in and I have had my uninterrupted quiet time for 2 straight days!!  Oh how I love the beach for that reason!  
 I can hear so much more clearly from my sand blasted summer brain. 
 And that's it - we're off to get this day started!
Happy Monday to all!



  1. Gosh I sure do love all of this blogging from you! Thank goodness for summers. Hear me now, I'm working on a way to get a job with a summer vacation. I'll keep you posted on this goal.

    Have a great trip!

  2. I'm so ready to be back at the beach but that's not happening until Sept. sigh.


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