Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog

Goodness!  I just can't seem to keep up with my blog these days.  What's new right??  It seems like I say that now more than anything.  I have so many things I need to share/record/document/scrapbook, whatever you want to call it.  I started this blog to scrapbook and to share what the boys were doing with our family members who are scattered from here to Canada.

I keep wondering, though, if blogging is on the way out.  This NY Times article says that it is - but, this article is 2 years old now - ha!  It mainly expresses what I often find myself doing, which is sharing everything via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., in more of a micro-blogging format.  After I post something, I intend to come back and blog about it later, but lately I just don't get around to it.  Busy, busy days.  Then, I also second guess myself thinking, "Why blog about that when you just Instagrammed the same things?"


I like the blogging format for my online "scrapbook" of sorts.  It is a much friendlier layout, and can be easily archived, printed, and shared. 

Aside from the scrabooking, I like the "blog friends" I have made and I enjoy keeping up with them, although I am terrible at making time for it.  I have greatly decreased the number of blogs that I read and follow.  I simply just do not have time.

I also like writing from time to time and it is a great way for me to sort things out.  I love the comments and messages people send me to say that something inspired them or helped them in some way.

What will I do to "scrapbook" if I don't blog? 

Will facebook, twitter, instagram, etc., be around forever?  Even if blogger shuts down, I can download and save the blog, or print it through Print2Blog if necessary.

I really hate facebook.  I don't know why I stay connected to it.  It is exhausting.  It really cannot be used for my scrapbooking purposes anyway.

I like Twitter when I am looking to see things that are trending worldwide and I love Instagram. My Twitter and Instagram accounts are linked to my facebook account, and they sync to and update my facebook status, but I don't hang out in there much.  I usually go there with a purpose to check up on certain things and that is it.

Oh well.  Summer is a coming, and you know one thing we do right at Casa de Mann is SUMMER.  I have more time to breathe in the summer, and more time to blog. 

Maybe I'll just blog in the summers, and on holidays....we'll see!

Special note to my blogging friends:  (if you are still reading...) Are you finding blogging to be on the decline with your blog and/or the blogs you follow?  What are your thoughts?  Also, what are you using as an RSS reader - I am freaking out about Google Reader shutting down this summer!!


  1. I hope you keep blogging...even if it's once in awhile, like me! I am finding it harder and harder to post...instagram is easy and instant! I'm not a big on fb. I read it here and there to see what's going on...but I never post anything. Once in awhile a picture but never any thoughts. I'm just tired of fb. As far as an RSS feed or whatever...I'm not even sure what that is! :)

  2. Keep blogging!! I switched to Bloglovin & I love it. I think it's way better than Google Reader. I follow more blogs than ever now but a lot of them are exercise related. They help me stay motivated since I can't count on my "real life" friends to do that. HA!

  3. I totally feel you. Blogging takes time that I don't always have. But...many who follow my blog (parents, some co-workers, parents' co-workers) don't use Facebook or don't use it often. So they ask about it when I go more than two weeks without a post.

    And I agree with you, blogging is much more like scrapbooking that FB or Instagram. I like both social media outlets, but it's too fleeting and fast. I want multiple pictures, descriptions, details.

    I hope you stay with us here in the blog land. You are a great member. And I love your honesty and humor.

    Talk soon!

  4. I hope you keep blogging. I know I am not good with it lately myself. I don't have enough time with school to blog as much as I used to.


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