Friday, April 5, 2013

Little b in Waiting

I have been feeling sorry for Little b these days. 
 He has had to do a LOT of waiting around, and hanging out while B is golfing.
It's just not fun for him.  Or me.
It's not easy to manage and entertain an active little boy for hours in areas where you are supposed to be quiet and still.
B has always been interested in, hockey, Karate, golf.
b is not interested in any sports. 
He likes to draw, watch movies, run around, investigate, and that is about it!
I think sometimes, people think I should be stricter on him and force him to act in a certain way, or "behave" to certain standards.
i.e. "Why is she letting that kid jump around in those puddles and get all wet?"
Well, because this poor child has had to be silent and still for hours during these golf events and he is a happy go lucky preschooler, so why not?  We have dry clothes in the car.
Of course, I do keep him from bothering others, and I try to keep him out of trouble. 
 He can easily get into mischief.
 Like recently, while shopping with me at the Jekyll Island Golf Club Pro Shop, he investigated an interesting "basheme" (machine), which had a large, clearly labeled, red button...
...which upon being pressed, set off the Lightning Alarm (clear the course warning) throughout all three courses, causing confusion, panic, scrambling of Marshalls, and finally all clears.
I just stood quietly, waiting to pay, as they all radioed folks
and wondered what in the world set off the alarm.
If they would have listened to the little boy tugging at my side,
they might have heard him saying repeatedly, "It said 'do not touch', Mommy!"


  1. OMG!!! I think I would've died!!!!

  2. AHAHAHA! That is just awesome! (Well, mortifying too, I'm sure.) Poor little guy, it sounds like he was a very good boy considering the circumstances and all the waiting around he had to do.

  3. Oh my gosh...I would have died! Can't imagine how hard it is to try and keep b quiet and intertained. Geez, I worry when my inlaws come to watch Brady play tennis because they want to talk and visit...and that's just not good! Poor b. I'm glad you let him play in the puddle. :)

  4. I don't know if I could have kept calm and stood in line when I realized what happened.


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