Monday, April 8, 2013

First Things First

First a review of last week
Last week, B played a golf tournament at the Fairways of Canton near Atlanta, GA. 
He won first place! 
After all of these months of playing, practicing, lessons, etc., he finally got a first place medal. 
He was SO excited.
Side Note:  This is the Canadian's clean shaven look.  I hate it.  He does it on occasion to annoy me.
B gets his competitive nature from the Canadian (former pro hockey players are pretty competitive).  I don't really care anything about competition, and it doesn't seem b cares for it either, but there is something deep down in B and his Dad.  They want to WIN.
B was even more excited that he beat his Dad in a practice round the day before.  In fact, he may have been more excited about that than his medal.
When you win 1st place, you have to make a speech.  Brodie's is shown here.
And now for this week
 This week's golf tourney was at Collins Hill in Lawrenceville, GA.
B placed 2nd in his age group.
It was really an exciting day, as he was paired with the  overall tour leader for the first time.  They were back and forth all day, and it could have been either's game, but the leader came out on top in the last hole.
He was happy.
b happily stayed at my Aunt's house, rather than attending, but my Mother and her new hubs came by {did I forget to mention she got married?}...
We only have 1 more tournament in this tour (U.S. Kids Spring Local Tour 2013), and then the Tour Championship.  I have enjoyed it, but I will enjoy a break from it, too!
I remember when I used to make fun of those parents who consumed their lives with traveling around to sporting events, in all sorts of weather and far off places. 
And here I am eating those words.
It's okay, I have a big mouth!

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  1. Yeh, haven't heard about your mom getting married. B & b are just too cute!


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