Friday, March 1, 2013

Rebel With A Cause {New Camera} {Blog Hiatus} {Joy #FAIL}

Well, I did it.  
I went and bought myself a Canon Rebel.  
I have whined about having a better camera for so long like THREE years on this blog, I figured I had better drop in and share the news!  I didn't hit the jackpot, and the economy didn't suddenly improve for the laborers at Casa de Mann, however, I took the plunge nonetheless.  
QVC has a dangerous helpful little thing called "easy pay"....and I have a BIG birthday coming up this month soooooo I thought, why not buy myself a gift?!
...and in lieu of presents, my family can make contributions to the cause, the cause of better photographs of everyone's favorite little boys - haha! 
After all, I NEED it, right??  
With B's golf tour, summer coming, and then b starting Kindergarten soon, this Mamarazzi needs a real machine - with serious lenses!!

While I am here, I guess I should address my little blogging hiatus.  Le sigh.
I don't know what has been wrong with me.  Well, yes I do.
I committed to focusing on joy on this blog, and frankly I haven't felt too joyful.
So, it's kept me from posting.  Are you shocked?  I doubt it!
Thanks so much to those of you who have messaged me and checked in.
I'm still around.
And as always, I will probably blow it up here in the Summer, when I can have a life again.
Summer makes me happy.
Winter, not so much. 
Big birthdays, not so much.
And realizing some things just may not be "made right" this side of Heaven hurts my heart a lot these days.
But God is faithful.
And eternity is much longer than this short stay on planet earth.
And speaking of the brevity of life, 
I 'd better get out and start capturing memories with my new Canon Rebel.

For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
~James 1:20


  1. Glad to see you pop in.I am proud of you for taking the plunge on the camera. You will wonder how you took pictures without it. Spring and summer are coming and I know those warm days will lift your spirits. Mine seem to be in the dumps after a long winter, as well. As the Bible tells us, the morning is coming. Same idea, right?

  2. Glad you popped in. And the new camera is so exciting.

  3. Glad you're back & I hope you're back more often! Yay for the camera & isn't Easy Pay one of the greatest things ever??


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