Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's Brucey! {Boxer} {White Boxer}

Oh, Hi!
They forgot to officially introduce me here on the blog.
I'm Bruce! 
You know, like the shark in Finding Nemo, and the mechanical shark used in filming Jaws.
I came to Casa de Mann the week before Christmas.
I am a Boxer, and a mirror image of the late, and much beloved Blue Mann.
Blue, 2006
I am a lot like him, but I do have my own personality.
I have grown fast, and am about 28 weeks old now.
I am spoiled rotten.
I spend my days chasing cats, playing with toys, and napping.
Everyone is so glad I am here, and I love being the newest member of the family!


  1. He is adorable! Great pics of him too! Are you working on your photography?! I enjoy seeing your pics of Bruce on instagram too!

  2. He has such a cute little face!

  3. Bruce is soooo cute! Welcome to the blog, Brucey!


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