Monday, November 5, 2012

May the FORCE be With You! {Miscellany Monday}

It's Monday, so it's time to get our random and in no particular order Miscellany on...
Brodie was reading the story of Moses parting the Red Sea last night, when he asked me why Pharaoh was chasing Moses.  Among other details, I explained that at one time, Moses was like family to Pharaoh, but after some bad things happened Pharaoh was now trying to kill him.  Brodie's face lit up and he said, "OHhhhh, I know what happened!  It was just like Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker!"  HA! I told him, well, yes, in a way it was.  I have often noticed many parallels with the Star Wars trilogy and miscellaneous Biblical things as well - guess B does too haha!
This year, B insisted I carve a Super Mario jack-o'lantern.  I wasn't sure I could do it, but I found a pattern and got to work.  It turned out pretty good, but my hand was cramped for 2 days.
B was grossed out by the slimy pumpkin this year, but he happily ate the roasted pumpkin seeds.  He always loves those things!
One day last week, after school, B said he was STARVING as he whipped out his sandwich from his lunchbox and began eating.  I asked him why he had not eaten it at lunch, to which he explained that someone next to him was allergic to peanuts so he didn't want to hurt them by taking out his pb&j.  LAWD.

We never get any sleep at night.  In addition to the extreme stress level we battle, and in addition to the nighttime guests who appear in our bed throughout the night, we have THE WORST mattresses in the world.  It is really so true, when they say you should invest in quality mattresses.  Sleeping on crap makes your not-so-restful night crap, and your next day crap too.
Even though I didn't feel much like it, I did manage to decorate for Halloween this year.   I just felt like I did not have the energy to clean-up so we could decorate, and the thought of piling decorations out on the "dirty" house and unkempt yard made me twitch. The boys had been begging, though, and so we drug it all out.  And I put it out on top of the un-dusted mess.  And the boys were THRILLED.  Which made me realize, everything doesn't have to be perfect to the "nth" degree to make 2 little boys happy.  They don't even notice the mess, nor will they remember it.  But the might remember that their Mom decorated for holidays every year.  

We have taken the Halloween down now, of course, and Thanksgiving is up, on top of a "semi-clean" living space.  Still a "recovering perfectionist" you know - I often wonder how many years it will take me to recover!

Well, that's all I got folks!  May the FORCE be with you on this Miscellany Monday!
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  1. Libby would be SO envious of your pirate ship yard decor. She is way into pirates this year.

  2. The pumpkin looks AWESOME!! I would've never been able to do that. Dean & I were just talking about mattresses. The one we slept on in Vegas was fabulous.

  3. the pumpkin Mareo turned out great.

    And I love the pirate decorations


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