Monday, November 12, 2012

Blayd's 5th Birthday

We had a fun time celebrating Blayd's 5th Birthday last week.  I know I say things like this all of the time, but I seriously cannot believe he is 5 years old!  Too fast!!!
The Sunday before his birthday, Mother had us over for lunch and an early celebration with family.
The pinata may not have been in the safest location, but no one got injured, not seriously, anyway, and the tv wasn't broken...
Blayd had a great time!
Then, on his birthday, we had cupcakes with his class at school.
He was so excited and enjoyed celebrating with his friends.
And just like that,
my baby boy turned 5!


  1. He is so cute in these pictures! That's cool that you guys got to go into his classroom for his party.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Blayd! It looks like lots of fun celebrating

  3. Happy Birthday Blayd! I love his cake & those cupcakes are adorable!

  4. Cute pictures! Cool cake and pinata too!

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