Friday, October 26, 2012

Right There in the Clouds

Early this morning, while we were passing by the airport, we saw a plane taxiing down the runway.  As usual I said, "Look boys!  There's a plane taking off!"
Blayd said, "I want to ride on that plane, Mommy!"  Lately, he has been real interested in going on a plane, hot air balloon, and a hang glider.
Smiling, I asked, "Wonder where it is going?"
Brodie said excitedly, "I bet is it going to Costa Rica!"  I am sure he was remembering when the Canadian went to Costa Rica last year.
"It's going to Texas!" said Blayd.  He always wants to go to Texas.  We don't know anyone in Texas, but Sandy the Squirrel on Spongebob is from Texas.
"Maybe it's just going to Atlanta," I said, wishing I could think of somewhere more exciting to go.
Then Blayd said, "Maybe it's going to Heaven! We can go to Heaven!"
"Yeah!" Brodie said, "To see Nanny!"
"And throw her down to the grass again!" said Blayd, happily.
"So she won't be dead anymore!" Brodie suggested.  Then he added, "But we don't even know what Heaven looks like."
"It's right there!"  Blayd said, very sure of himself.
Pointing up, he exclaimed,"Right there in the clouds."
Happy Friday


  1. Be still my heart! How precious is that conversation & memory!!!

    Have a blessed weekend,

  2. That is unbelievably cute. You have sweet, sweet boys.

  3. LOVE his response about heaven. And you take awesome pictures of the sky, sunsets, etc.! I need some pointers!

  4. I love how simply kids see such things.

  5. Love how they thought the plane was going to heaven! It seems as if she was pretty special and I know you're glad they'll have such great memories of her!


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