Monday, October 8, 2012

Random Wrap-up {Busy Weekend} {Miscellany Monday}

We had a busy, but fun weekend around Casa de Mann!
On Friday, we brought home the class pet, a guinea pig named "Lil' Uga".
The boys excitedly made him some mazes, cities, and castles, to crawl around in.
 Lil' Uga was pretty low maintenance to me.  The Canadian, not so much.  
He peed in his lap and kept him up at night crying for more lettuce.
Side note:  Lil' Uga prefers Romaine. 
And since we didn't have enough animals in our house, 
on Saturday, we brought home a little friend from the golf course.

This little stray cat is the sweetest thing.
 It is my intention that she go live with my Mother.
I especially think my Mother needs it as payback for the birds to keep her company.
 She sure is cute, though!
 And did I mention sweet?
 And she has made herself right at home.
Possible hates her, though.
And y'all must remember, I am really not a cat person.
 But, she's just a snuggle bug.
No scratching or biting.
Not even when I bathed her.
Brodie is working every angle.  Feeding her and even cleaning out the litter box.
And b made a train for the kitten.  He told me that kittens LOVE trains. 
 I had wondered what gave him that idea, but it all became clear when I noticed the photo on the Kitten Chow bag.  
Side Note to advertisers: everything you do makes an impression on Blayd!

 After church on Sunday, the boys got special treats from Starbucks.  I had a pumpkin spice latte, of course.  No, I'm not sick of them yet, it's been a great season!
 Later, Brod played another round of golf with his best buddy, Triston.
We are anxiously waiting for Nike to call us! lol
 At the course, I noticed the Confederate Roses are in bloom.  LOVE them.
Also LOVE little boys who floss.  
Especially after cake pops and frappuccinos.

Happy Monday! 


  1. Oh my...class pets, stray cats! At least you weren't the one that got peed on! I once sat too close to a friend's guinea pig cage, and it somehow managed to eat a hole through my sweater!

  2. Ha ha...cats love trains! I love that! And the stray kitty is precious! So lovable and cute!!

  3. Okay, now I'm scared. I hope my kids never have class pets we have to take home. Ha! The guinea pig maze and castle are really cute though. And the kitty you brought home looks so soft and sweet! Maybe you can trade her in for Possible and ship him to your mom? Lol.

  4. We had those bricks as kids, I didn't know they still made them! Good memories. I'm sure my kiddos would get the biggest kick out of building all kinds of things too.


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