Monday, October 15, 2012

Miscellany Monday

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
Started the weekend off with an old favorite.
 It's a little early.  We usually watch this one every year in November.
I fell asleep somewhere around the flying monkeys.
B woke me up when it was over.
 On Saturday, B had a gold tournament.  He took 3rd.  Yay!
It is his second golf medal.
He has worked really, really hard.
While B and the Canadian golfed much of the day Saturday, and Sunday, I was with b.
And he sat in my lap or made sure I sat right next to him the whole time 
(as mentioned in previous post).
I was trapped.
But I did have good coffee.
In a fun mug.
And we did escape to church.
 And to Moe's for lunch.
I love their vegetarian salad.
Even when I have to eat it quickly because someone might have a meltdown.
Maybe I can slip away and have another for lunch one day this week.
And eat it slowly.
Happy Monday!


  1. I love how much B is enjoying golf. I am saving an old movie to watch during the debate tomorrow night.

  2. Wizard of Oz always scared me too! W had a Moe's but they went out of business. Congrats to B!!


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