Monday, October 22, 2012

Miscellany Monday {Weekend Wrap-up}

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One Last Swim
On Friday afternoon, these two ended up in the pool.
It was really warm enough, of course not warm enough for this Georgia girl, but it was fine for the kids. 

 We keep our pool open year round, although you really can't swim in it.  I like looking out at the water.
My Dad always kept our open all year, too.  To me, it is easier than letting it get funky and having to clean that out.
I keep wondering if fall is going to come this year.  The leaves aren't really changing yet.

Fall Festival
B's school fall festival was on Friday evening.
 It is a small affair, and not too overwhelming.
 They have games, inflatables, among other things.
 B wanted to play all of the games repeatedly and WIN and hoard as much candy as possible.
b enjoyed the games but mainly wanted to jump on the inflatables.
There was also an auction for the class donation baskets.  This was B's class basket, and this is our sweet friend C, who was born the day after B.  I asked her to pose by the basket so I could take a picture of it, and in a flash she was in position with a beautiful smile.
What a difference it is photographing a little girl!

Saturday morning was all about golf, as usual.  b started out being B's caddy, but then he got mad, as 4 year olds are inclined to do, and abandoned the bag.  B was disappointed, as he was in full "I am the big wig golfer who needs a caddy" mode.  It was funny.

b has been doing so well at church, staying in the nursery and having fun.  Sunday, B was in a mood.  He didn't want to go to church, and asked to stay home with his Dad.  I drug him along with me and told him he'd thank me for it one day (I hope).  There was some confusion in his class when we got there and I am not sure if there was a teacher missing or what, but anyway, he opted to come with me to the regular service.
 No worries, our church is non-traditional.
It is hard to explain to a 6 year old why it is important that they come to church.  Of course I know it's not really about church, it's about building the foundational relationship with God, but finding a way to explain this is not so easy - especially when hanging out at home playing Mario Kart seems so much more appealing.

Happy Monday!


  1. looks like a good week - love the fun pool pics - you can find me at

  2. Gotta say - I love your "Keep calm and be southern" sign ;)

  3. I still want to swim but we had a couple of cool nights & the water is too cold for me!

  4. The golf/ caddy story is so funny! Classic siblings! I bet you were just waiting to see how long that would go well :)

  5. They swam?!?! No way, they are tough. Libby took her last week several weeks ago. She got in up to her waist, played a bit and announced it was too cold. The next week we covered it! Another difference between girls and boys. :)

  6. Hey friend! Looks like a beautiful sunny day for the pool~ It has to be 85-87 here right now. I'd rather swim and go run, ughh. Love the swimming in undies:)

  7. You are making me jealous with the swimming. And it sure looks like y'all had a fun weekend.


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