Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Historic Southern Charm {Shabby Chic}

Recently, we stayed at my Aunt Lynn's house near Atlanta when we went up for the PGA Tour Championship.  I told her I wanted to take pictures of her historic home to feature on the blog and she had a FIT and forbade me to do so.  I had to sneak around to get a few shots of some of my favorite spaces to share with you.  Aunt Lynn has been traditionally shabby chic, long before shabby chic was cool. ;)
{The Back Porch}
Completely screened in, you can relax on the rustic daybed or on the quilt covered twin. 
You can enjoy the scenic view as you have your coffee on the metal table,
 if someone hasn't taken it over with crayons.
{The Dining Room}
 I love the traditional dining room.  It is full of light.
 The floor to ceiling windows are wonderful, and the screen door lets fresh air in.
 These windows look out onto the side porch.  There is a hot tub out there - holla!
{The Sitting Room}
 Full of charm and more windows and light!
This room isn't used much, and she keeps the french doors closed so she will have one room that is sans animal fur.
{Main Hall}
 I love the main hallway, a long walk through the house with a huge screen door on the front of the house, allowing the fresh air to blow all of the way through the house.
There is a yellow, pink, and blue room.  The boys picked the blue.
There are antique beds and quilts all around.
I have to get back to show you the odd angles, storage nooks, window seats, and low ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms, too.  
They add so much character, along with the fun "touches" throughout the house, such as classic lamps, cameras, suitcases, and books.
{The Atmosphere}
 Probably what I love the most about staying at Aunt Lynn's is the atmosphere.  
They boys can be loud and run and play and mess up.
There is very little formality and plenty of time to relax. just ask my Mother!
And even though many of these pictures do look formal, the house is very much "lived in"  - but, remember, I wasn't allowed to take pictures of most of that - HA!  So you will just have to take my word for it.  
and wait until the next time I sneak up there and take more pictures!
P.S.  Dear Aunt Lynn, Sorry! :)


  1. What a beautiful old house! You had me at "back porch"- love it! Please sneak back there and take some more pictures :)

  2. I want to live there! Do you think she'd let me move in ?!

  3. What a beautiful home. I hope you don't get into to much trouble for showcasing it.

  4. It looks so pretty! The screen porch is amazing! I can see why you enjoy spending time there.


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