Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pray for the Best {Life With Boys} {Life Without Nanny}

We enjoyed the long weekend for labor day.  It was wonderful.
But this long weekend was not without incident.
We made our first trip to the emergency care clinic early Saturday morning.  
As I was unloading Brodie's golf clubs and closing the hatchback of the car, Blayd jumped up and split his head on the edge of the door as it came down.
I almost threw up on the spot.
Blayd was in pain and his blonde hair was becoming red.
I looked at the damage and cleaned it up as best as I could.
It was a small, clean split. Would it really need stitches?
I tried calling my Mother, who did not answer her phone.
This is not unusual for her, so I drove over to her house so she could take a look at him.  
(My Mother was a nurse for many years.)
She was not home.
Normally at this point, I would have driven to my grandmother Nanny's house, as she was also a nurse for many years, and she was the one I could always count on to be home and available.  
My heart hurt as I didn't have her to turn to, to help me make the decision on whether or not Blayd needed to go to the ER.
I took a deep breath and realized, 
time to grow up and handle these things like an adult.
I looked him over again, and his head was still bleeding, 
not terribly bad, but bleeding none-the-less.
I prayed the Lord would help me make the right decision.
I called the Canadian and told him I was picking them up from the golf course because we were going to have to take Blayd to the emergency clinic.
Considering I have boys - that are all boy - I suppose we are lucky this was our first ER trip.
I was praying fervently that stitches would not be needed, 
when the doctor came in and told me they usually use staples.
I thought he was joking.
He said the dermabond (liquid stitches) would probably do the job, but he couldn't guarantee it.  He said the staples would be a guarantee of a cleaner scar and less interference with hair growth.  
Since the doctor was mainly concerned about cosmetic issues, I opted for the dermabond.  
The Canadian interjected and said we'd do the staples and that I would just have to leave the room. 
You know tough guy stuff and all. 
I was seriously about to vomit.  
After all my 4 year old baby has been through lately, 
with losing Nanny, having anxiety, nightmares, etc.  
I could not handle this.
While we were waiting, a nurse friend called me and we talked over the situation.  She told me she really felt the dermabond would be okay and that it was not worth the drama of the staples and having to  remove them afterward.  Also, the scar would be under his hairline, so it wouldn't be noticeable, really.  I considered it a sign from God that she had called.
I stepped out and told the ER nurse I had changed my mind.
The Canadian got furious and left me.  He took Brodie and went out to the car to wait.
I stayed with Blayd while they clipped his hair a bit, and applied the dermabond.
It was painful for him, as they squeezed it tight, but it didn't last long.

I really felt I made the best decision.  
Seriously, Blayd has been through wayyyy too much lately.  I will blog more about that soon.
We are now on day 6 now and all has been well with the dermabonded spot on his head.
I am so thankful we are not facing another doctor's appointment in a few days to remove staples.  Sometimes as a Mother, you just have to make the best decisions that you can, and pray for the best.

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  1. As a nurse, if you would have been able to call your mom right away, she probably would have said to take him to ER if she couldn't be there and see it for herself. ...But you're right about throwing up a prayer - There's a Bible verse that says the Lord is near to those that call upon Him. When you're raising kids, especially boys, I guess He's just waiting for you to call!

  2. Kerri, so sorry about Blayd! Sounds like he's on the mend, though. Staples?!?! Would have FREAKED me out! I had those with my c-section...would NOT have wanted them in my head! I have had one trip to the ER with Charlotte and it was not fun and totally exhausting. Hope you have a much less eventful rest of the month!

  3. When my sister was little and had a gash on her head, the small town doctor just tied it shut with her own hair. Can you imagine what they'd say about that today? Hope he's healing well.

  4. Owie! Sorry you had to go through that. Head wounds bleed so much, too, so they often appear worse than they are. Hope your boy is OK!

  5. Your post took me back to several
    trips to the ER with small kids..
    stitches and casts were the norm
    in our home... so glad your boy
    is ok and this post brought back
    such loving memories for me.

  6. We had to go to the ER with JDaniel last fall for stitches! He healed so quickly. I hope your guy does too.

  7. Bless you-Been there-and there again and again We don't always make the perfect choice but we do the best we can and we all survive-don't feel you are a failure if you miss a call. With 3 BOYS 18 & 13 months apart I FEEL YOUR PAIN [past tense] I knew I was not really so tough the first time I almost fainted in ER after my 10 yr old son had almost separated his thumb from the rest of the hand after a kknife was left in the wrong place at a neighbors-with 7 children in the house.

    A Survivor- who didn't always make the perfect call

  8. I raised three boys and i remember the first time there was blood and a need for stitches and I felt sick to my stomach the same as's scary ! Glad it ended up alright and sorry about your nanny :(

  9. Let me start by saying, Ouch! I'm with you on the throwing up part. I could NEVER, EVER be a nurse. Ever. I don't do pain, blood or gross stuff.

    I'm glad the Dermabond has worked well for Blayd. I hope I never have to decide about staples for Libby. Her drama level is high on a daily basis, so staples would send us all over the edge!

    I hope the cut heals quickly!

  10. My middle son went head-first into a window well and cut a DEEP gash in his head (little blue skull showing!)when he was four. That scar is covered by his hair when it is a normal length. It's always scary when a child gets a head wound!

  11. Taking the kiddies to the ER for anything is always terrifying. I've gone for everything from appendicitis, anaphalaxis all the way to just 3 stitches. It doesn't matter. When your little ones are hurt it is stressful. I think you did a great job dealing with this. Honestly, when I saw his poor little head (and it isn't even that graphic, I cringed!)
    I think your Nanny would be quite proud of you! You did good!

  12. I am so sorry Blayd had to go through that. I know that was a hard decision. You shouldn't have to worry I did something similar at 3 to my head and though i still feel it being tender on occasion (probably in my head) the hair will totally cover it.

  13. Poor little thing. I would've passed out on the spot. I'm so not good with that type of stuff.

  14. You are a great mum and your kisses will heal him faster (smile).

  15. Oh. Oh.

    I hate when we can't fix something just by hugging them?

    Your poor little guy. He looks so brave and serious.

    And you handled this wonderfully.

    I can feel the poignancy when you write about your Nanny. Loss never seems to abide by the calendar's passing pages, does it?

    Thanks for really compelling post.

    This brought back a lot of memories.

    Sending a little hug to you and a prayer of healing to your sweet little one.

    Thanks for sharing your heart.



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