Monday, September 24, 2012

Coca-Cola Tour Championship {FedEx Cup} {Golf}

This weekend, we made a last minute decision and drove to Atlanta for the Coca-Cola Tour Championship FedEx Cup finals at East Lake Golf Club.  B has become a huge golf fan over the last year, both watching and playing the game.  
Last week, one of my friends went up on Wednesday, for the practice round.  She was able to get autographs from many of the players and was kind enough to bring Brodie an autographed flag.  He was so excited he even slept with it!
Then, on Thursday, one of his little golf friends went up to watch the players on the fist day of play, and it was such great fun for him, I felt I just had to find a way to make it happen for Brodie. I am so glad I did!
On Sunday, we left little b at my Aunt's house in Marietta.  He was having great fun with her, and would not have been interested in the long day at the golf course.  So it was just the 3 of us.  I think the Canadian was just as excited as Brodie was (or maybe more?).
There were several vendors and freebies as we walked in the gates.  You could even test out your golf swing and compare it to the pros.
Excitement was in the air as we continued out and even though we didn't know what we were doing, or where we were going, it all worked out great!  We watched players come out and practice putting, and then we saw all of the players be introduced, and tee off at hole #1.

As a side note, I really enjoyed the atmosphere at this event.  It was exciting and fun, but people were not wild and crazy like they can be at other sporting events.  I was simply amazed that with a wave of their hands, the volunteers could bring thousands of people to silence when the players were shooting.

Now, I will say, cameras are not allowed and cell phones are practically banned from this place, except in designated areas.  Seriously.  Security was confiscating phones left and right, so I risked life, limb, and Android, to get these shots.

I could explain why they have the blur on the right, but then I would have to disclose my method for hiding the cell phone.  Shhh.

This was Brodie watching Tiger Woods come down the fairway after teeing off. We saw him much closer right before this, at the practice putting green, but that security lady would have busted me for sure.  As a side note, I thought Tiger looked taller and thinner in person.

I do wish we could have had a camera to capture all of the day's fun.  Brodie saw all of the players, up close, most within 3-4 feet.  We watched from various holes throughout the tournament.
Toward the end of the day, we stood on the rail between the tee box and the green on the 18th hole, and all of the players passed right by us.  Brodie held his hand out and received high fives from Dustin Johnson, Bo Van Pelt, Adam Scott, and Justin Rose.  Dustin, Bo, and Justin each spoke directly to Brodie, when they passed, saying something like "Hey man, what's up!" When the first one spoke, Brodie asked me, "How did he know my name?"  I explained it was "man" not "Mann"  lol. :)
Then, after he made an incredible shot from the tee box, landing the ball just a foot or so from the hole, Tiger Woods passed by on his way to the green and we said, "Great shot, Tiger!"  He looked up at us and Brodie and said, "Thanks, guys." He seemed very sincere and nice.  I was grateful!

As was the Canadian, who posted on fb...
Brodie's new (I wish you get a hole in one club) includes golfers Tiger Woods,Jason Dufner, Adam Scott, Garrigus, and [special] honorable mention to Dustin Johnson, Bo Van Pelt and Justin Rose. Oh and the camera guy who gave my kid a free drink. NOW the golfers who are in the (I wish you shank it in the woods deep club) are Rickie Fowler, zach Johnson, snedeker and leading the way Rory Mcclroy. Walking down the gallery and hi fiving a six year old left an imprint that they will never know.
Seriously, I know those guys have a lot on their minds, and it was kind of them to go out of their way to acknowledge the kids.  
I can honestly tell you, I never gave a rat's booty about golf.  I thought it was the most boring thing I had ever seen on tv, and the game itself seemed absolutely senseless.  Now that Brodie loves it, however, I have been forced to learn it and understand it, and I really enjoy it!  Of course watching your child in awe, and having so much fun can make anything wonderful.  
At least for me it does!


  1. He will remember that forever!!! Amazing memories! I know nothing about golf but Jason dufner was in a class with Travis at auburn... He says he's a great guy! First day of class the professor is asking what they want to do when they graduate, and he said he'd like to play pro golf. The professor laughed at him and said, "no, seriously". Bet dufner's laughing his way to the bank now!!

  2. Cool trip! The looks on his face tell how in awe he was, so sweet. Y'all are great parents for making this happen for him. I'd be willing to be the obsession will be full blown now.


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