Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's Finally My Turn! {Beach Trip} {Day 1}

Well, after waiting impatiently since last June, I am finally back at the beach!  I have watched all of my friends and family (via facebook) on their beach trips and now it is finally my turn!  My Aunt rented a beach house again, and here we are!
As much as I wanted to come here, it was hard to leave home.  Nanny is worse than ever.  It is sad.  It is hard.  It is painful.  Thursday was her birthday, and it was also very hard.  That day, she asked me several times what the day was and what the date was.  She knows she is confused, and it bothers her.  We are forging ahead, though, with our vacation, as she would would have it no other way.
The beach house is about a block from the beach.  After arriving yesterday, we loaded up and headed out.  The water was rough.  I read that 3 people actually drowned in the rip tide in the next town over.  
It was a little stormy on and off, too.  We watched the clouds and rain move across the horizon.  It was VERY windy and loud

The Canadian kept accusing me of being overprotective, but I knew the water was powerful, and we respected it and didn't do much more than play in the edge of the surf.
The boys were a little disappointed that they couldn't surf like last year, but I told them we have the whole week and to hope for blue flags!
We played in the sand for a while and walked along the shore before heading back to the house for a swim in the pool.
Thankfully, this house has it's own little pool.  It was much calmer and quieter than the loud and windy beach.  There is also a little guest house, too.
I wish my Aunt could have come - especially since she rented this house for our family!  But since my grandmother is doing so poorly, she just didn't feel like she could leave her.
We ended our first day with a walk along the beach, with some recreational crabbing.  The boys LOVED it!
This is the biggest one we found.  Everyone had their picture taken with it - ha!  He wasn't harmed, though, and we released him to return to his family.
Cheers to the week ahead!


  1. I know you and the guys are going to have a blast! Destin is my most favorite place! Been thinking about you a TON this week...update me when you get a chance :)

  2. I am slowly going through the same thing with my grandmother. It is terribly hard so I can relate to that... looks like a great time at the beach! That last picture is too cute, I could never get my boys to hold a crab!

  3. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I know that feeling all too well. I'm glad y'all got to make it to the beach. The house looks awesome!

  4. the house is so cute. I am glad y'all are enjoying it.

  5. Yay for beach fun! You deserve it! :)


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