Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun at the Track & Other Desperate Measures {Destin}

While we were in Destin, Florida, we visited The Track Family Recreation Center.
I hung out with b for a long time while the others played mini golf.  It was crowded and he was more interested in riding the rides.  I let him pick what we did.  He was so funny giving me directions like, "Now Mommy, we can go to ride the bumper boats."
I was careful to keep him away from other boats who might shoot us with water, as b has a fit when his hair gets wet.  He doesn't mind when he is swimming, but any other time he does not want it to be wet.  I have a hard time washing his hair these days.  He seems to think it isn't blonde anymore and makes me dry it immediately when he gets out of water, because he wants it blonde again.
 He seemed so grown this year, and he wasn't scared of anything.
For the first time, he was tall enough to drive the little go-carts by himself.  I almost couldn't let him do it!  I wasn't sure if he knew how to operate the pedals, but he did fine!

Let me clarify that these carts go s-l-o-w, so don't worry!  He cruised around like he'd been driving for years.  It reminded me of B's first time driving them last year which seems like yesterday!
B asked me to ride the carousel and train with him, but there were some rides that only he could ride.
 This ride was his absolute FAVorite!  He kept saying that his stomach was falling.
I cannot stand for any rides to "take my stomach", but he LOVED it and rode it about 5 times in a row.  For reals.
Later, when B finished golfing, he took to the go-carts with his serious competitive nature.  Of. Course.  
And then it got even more serious when we rode the family carts, which go fast.
B was desperate to beat everyone, while b and I enjoyed a more leisurely pace.  And it was great fun...until...
Afterward, we made one last trip to the bumper boats -at b's request.  I should have clarified to the Canadian the importance of keeping b's hair dry.  I should have kept him with me, so I could block him better.  But I didn't.
 Some little punk took to blasting Doug continuously, as did B.  b got caught in the crossfire.
As soon as we departed the boats, b took off screaming and running down the midway stripping his clothes off.  Side note:  b is a highly sensitive child and is not a fan of clothes in general, but especially not when they are wet.
I can only imagine what people thought went they saw him stomping along in his underwear, as I scurried behind him picking up his clothes along the way.
The Canadian caught him and tried to smooth over the situation with a lollipop.  Remember, when you are on family vacation, you have to resort to certain desperate measures to survive.
Unfortunately, he didn't like the tootsie roll center of the tootsie roll pop, and he was infuriated that his hair was wet.
Lucky for us, we were headed to the car anyway, and even though it ended on a soggy note, it was a great morning of fun!


  1. I'm sure it was stressful for you at the time, but the picture of little b walking away with only undies on? SOOOOO funny and cute! Ha! Hey, at least he was wearing nice underwear. :D Those rides look really fun. Celia's just starting to get tall enough for a few rides and I freak out when she does them, but she usually likes everything.

  2. Lollipops in emergencies almost ALWAYS work...and not just on vacations for us! When the girls get older we are going to have to try that race track! (although last time I was on a go-cart race track with Travis, I was winning, so he spun me out just to make sure he'd win...and then got kicked out for "making contact" with the go-carts). So, on second thought, maybe we should avoid the race track!

  3. I love rides that "get my stomach"! Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios is my FAVE! Poor little b. I'm with him, I don't like Tootsie Roll pops either!

  4. it sounds like a fun morning.


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