Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's Up Wednesday {Random} {Games} {Goofy} {Hockey Cards}

We have been playing lots of board games.  Last night, I taught B to play chess.  Interestingly enough, it wasn't as difficult as it was to explain "Sorry".
Fun Fact:  my big red neck Dad is the one who taught me to play Chess when I was B's age.
My brain was exhausted with thinking through all of my plays as well as his!  He won the first round (of course).  He cracked me up saying, "Hmmmmm......You're right, Mommy, this is a thinking game."
We planted some tomato seeds.  Who in the world knows if they will grow, but we planted them none-the-less.

b has been obsessed with Goofy lately.  I don't really know where this came from, but he is loving all things Goofy right now.  

This week, he made a "Goofy Collection" as he called it where he colored and cut pictures and put them in a basket.  He also wrote "Goofy" on the side in with red crayon.

In coloring the pictures, he noticed Goofy has a green patch, which his stuffed Goofy did not have.  Guess who had to sew one on??  He was not going to rest until I did it!
B is collecting hockey cards.  He wants golf cards, too, but there are none to be found.
He is really determined to get the LA Kings players (especially Jonathan Quick) and the New Jersey Devils (since they were just in the Stanley Cup Finals together).  It was really fun watching those games with B this year.  He was totally in to it and so excited.  He kept saying Martin Brodeur was getting "smoked" and he was!  It was funny.
During the game, he got on the computer and started looking up the players and making a list of their names.  This is how we got to talking about hockey cards, and now he is obsessed with collecting them.
Since the Canadian was out watching the game with friends, I did my best to explain the plays to B.  Thank goodness I read "Hockey for Dummies" all those years ago - ha! 
B drew his own rink diagram and started filling in the players in the positions they play.   B kept asking me, "Is Daddy watching this game??  Does he know it is on??!"  I assured him that he did, but I think he would have liked to have been watching it with his Dad, rather than me.  They have started watching sports together lately and I know it is only a matter of time before all of the tvs in this house are on Sports Center instead of cartoons.  Of course with most of the garbage that is on tv these days, I almost don't mind the thought of 24/7 sports tv too much.


  1. Their interests and developing hobbies are so neat. The goofy collection is adorable! They must be at the right ages for being interested in collecting things. I agree with all the junky tv on, you might be better off with sports.

  2. That rink diagram is pretty impressive! He's really getting into it! Isn't it interesting how they have these little personalities all of their own.
    And, I have never learned to play chess...I always figured it was too hard!

  3. I know I'd definitely rather Sports than some of those cartoons. HA! My little brother was obsessed with Goofy at one time too. Have a great weekend!

  4. I still don't know how to play chess.


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