Monday, June 4, 2012

Things I Never Blogged About {Catching Up} {Again}

When I started this blog, it was meant to be an online "scrapbook" of sorts, since I don't have time to scrapbook.  Well, apparently these days, I don't even have time to blog!  I don't even know what all I am behind on, but I hope to get caught up this summer.
Here are a few things I know I missed...
Hot Dogs With Dads - April 2012
Blayd had a Hot Dogs with dads lunch back in the Spring.  I think his preschool does this because Father's Day falls in the summer months.  It is a nice lunch for all of the guys to get to hang out together.  I crashed the party and took a few pictures, but quickly left. :)

Field Day - May 2012
Brodie's field day was supposed to take place in April, and then in early May, but it was rained out both times.  They finally completed it, though, before school let out.

They played some games I have never heard of, and nobody won or lost anything (of course SIGH), but it was still fun overall.
And the funniest thing all day, was watching B's precious little classmate.  Her hair grew and grew, as the day went on!
Apparently her Mom was out of town and she was staying with a classmate, and they didn't know how to style her hair.  She was super cute, through it all, though!!And it totally reminded me of the "Friends" episode when Monica went to the tropics and the humidity made her hair GROW!
She wasn't quite as cute, though. ;)

 Some Random Day in April 2012
b still hates wearing clothes for the most part.  Especially a wet bathing suit.  For whatever reason, though, this day, he wanted to wear my sunhat.
Even in the water.  And it was super cute.
And since it came from the Dollar Store, 
and since he is so darn cute, I didn't mind that he got it wet.
We are about 2 weeks into summer break now and although we are completely exhausted (because the boys want to stay up later than usual and other things), it has been so very wonderful.
No rushing to work.  No work stress.  No school stress.  No time constraints (for the most part). 
I wish it could be summer the whole year through!


  1. I'll take summer all year too!
    The pictures of b in your hat are adorable! And I think that's a placemat Blayd is holding in the picture with his dad at school? So cute.
    Enjoy your week!

  2. Oh my, I would totally frame the pictures with the sunhat! LOVE it!

  3. Those pics are so funny! I love Friends so much!! BEST SHOW EVER!!! I always HATED field day. I was such a girlie girl & wanted no part of that.

  4. It looks like y'all are having a fun break


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