Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some Things in Life Are Just Hard {Blayd} {Nanny} {Sick}

So my grandmother is on a downturn again.  Sad.  She has been doing amazingly well for a while now, but we knew it was inevitable.  
Blayd ran in on Friday and gave her a big hug and said, "I make you feel all better Nanny!"  
He then went and found a crown (ala Fairy Godfather?) and walked around the room with his hands clasped repeating, "I wish to make Nanny fell better, I wish to make Nanny feel better!" 
In the background...even while feeling terrible,
Nanny is checking the TV guide to find his favorite cartoons.
It was so precious.
But maybe not as precious as when the hospice nurse came later, and was checking Nanny's heart, which has weakened some, he lay his head on Nanny's chest and sincerely said, "I hear your heart Nanny.  I make your heart better."

This afternoon, he told me that he was sick.
He told me, "I got the suds, like just like, Spongebob!"
"like just like"  = "just like"
"the suds" = what it is called when Spongbob gets sick

He then told me he needed a tissue and a "temperature" for his mouth.
Of course he wasn't sick, but he did "blow" his nose several times.
I am sure everything must be swimming around in his little mind.
Some things in life are just hard.


  1. What a sweet kid. I'm sure you're right that the play is his way of working it all out in his mind. Sorry to hear that your grandmother isn't doing well.

  2. What a sweetheart. I hate to hear that about your Nanny.

  3. I'm so sorry. What a sweet little one trying to make her feel better.

  4. What a sweet boy. I'm glad Blayd doesn't really have the suds!
    Sorry about your grandma.


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