Monday, June 18, 2012

Miscellany Monday {Summer List} {Spiders} {Dallas} {Bible Study}

Wow!  It has been a while since I blogged in with Carissa on Miscellany Monday.  I have just felt scattered lately!  Here is a little of the latest miscellany ala mann...
We are working on our summer list.  I think Thursday is officially the first day of summer, but as you know we have been out of school since May!
The boys are enjoying thinking of things to add, and checking off what we accomplish.
I enjoy the visual reminder that we are doing something - and it is especially helpful for those times when B says, "I'm bored.....what can we do?????"

Today we found some unwanted guests in the back yard.
 Let's all scream together!!  BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate spiders!!
This black mama crawled out and about gave me a heart attack!  We have been seeing the brown males for a while now, but did not realize they were widows!!!!!
Did you know the males are sometimes BROWN???????
One big black mama was right under the boys little picnic table RIGHT WHERE THEY SIT EVERY DAY OUTSIDE-EVEN THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!
I have the total heebie jeebies!
They are everywhere and I killed more than I can count today.
We have called in professionals.

Did anyone watch the new Dallas series last week?  I did!
I have always been a bit of a Dallas freak.
I have a collection of books...
and I have watched the entire series through about 4 times.
I really like the new show, and I am so glad they kept with the original characters and themes.


I can't say enough about the Bible Study I am leading this summer.

I LOVE it!!  If you haven't checked out Kelly Minter before, do it! 
Beth Moore is leading this same study online this summer, starting June 26th and you should seriously participate with us!  More info. here!

Happy Monday, Y'all!


  1. I love Beth Moore...sounds great!
    I also love your summer list....everyone has such great ideas. And yikes on the spider pets. We have lots of spiders too....but not those kind I hope.
    Congrats on 10 pounds. I really can't believe it (WW) really works...but it does!

  2. Hi. Just looked at the bible study. I am going to do the online part when I can. Sounds really good...I also saw that you have a YouTube video of " give me faith".... I posted that song a while back too. We go to Elevation church. Small world.

  3. Yikes! You could of just "told" us about the spiders without using a visual!
    Love your handwriting on your summer list! Looks like you've already started checking some things off. We still haven't made ours yet! I need to get on that.

  4. I'm not a spider fan either but they seem to be all over outside, especially by the pool. Thankfully, I haven't seen any that look like yours!

  5. That is a great list the boys have come up with.
    I am excited about Dallas too.


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