Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation {Tears} {Catching Up}

Even though it seems like months ago, now...two weeks ago, Brodie did graduate from Kindergarten!  
It wasn't really a graduation ceremony, but more of an "End of the Year Celebration" as they called it.
It began with a musical performance, i.e. concert, in the gym.  They did well, looked so cute, and so grown.  My favorite number was "New York, New York", which had been reworded to, "Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today, I want to be a part of it, First Grade, First Grade". recorded here
That's when the tears started rolling.
After the concert, we went back to the classroom for certificates and awards.  I jokingly told Brodie he received more awards in Kindergarten than his Dad did in all of his years of school.
The Canadian quickly put in to tell me that he received the perfect attendance award each year.  I smiled thinking that he was probably the kid the teachers did not want to have perfect attendance, but his Mom sure did!  Ha.

After awards, the kids had a picnic and playtime at the park across from the school.  Almost all of the kids were being checked out after to go home with their parents.  Brodie did not want to leave.  I don't think he believed me that his friends were really leaving.  He kept saying, "But Mrs. Jones said we were going back to her room!"  
I explained that was for the one or two children whose parents were at work.  He began to get upset and I realized it was about much more than wanting to stay the afternoon.  It was more about not wanting to leave this moment, this time, Kindergarten in general.  His teacher's aide came over and asked him a question and he snapped at her.  She looked shocked (we both did) and then she said, "What is wrong with you, Brodie?" and he burst into tears.  She hugged him and his teacher came over and hugged him and we walked on to the car.
So, after my tears and then his, Brodie is officially off to First Grade in the Fall.
I can hardly believe it.

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