Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scattered Saturday

Here are my random scattered thoughts on this lovely Saturday afternoon....

Where is my red stapler?
My summer job didn't pan out.  Bummer.  I have been in a terrible funk about it.  I am trying desperately not to be in a funk, but I am.  The horrible visions of last summer's struggles keep flashing in my mind.
But, I keep reminding myself - I survived.  
I counted out a lot of quarters, but at least I had quarters to count.  I didn't get to do a lot of the things I wanted to do, but we got to do some fun things.  My kids had a good summer.  We had food to eat.  We made it.  We can make it again.
In addition, I have learned many lessons due to being broke for the last few summers.  I am interested to see what I learn this summer.

Brodie had his first golf lesson today.  He really enjoyed it.  In fact, we stayed an HOUR after class while he just hit balls.  Right now he is working on converting his hockey stance to a proper golf swing.  He wants to play every day, now!

We went to a birthday party today, and Blayd looked exactly like Dennis the Menace riding this tricycle around with a fishing pole hanging out of his pants.

Didn't last long, though.  Some mean little girl stomped on the fishing pole and broke it.  It was only a $5 toy, but still, why be so vicious, little girl???

Sometimes I wish we would have never let Brodie start playing video games.  As much as he likes to be outside, sometimes he can get stuck on the games.  These days, he is fighting over the tv with the Canadian, who tells me to put the game in B's room - ummm, NO!  That won't be happening.  He already has a DS he can play in there.
Went I went to pick him up after work recently, b was busy building a tent at my grandmother's. It reminded me of all of the tents I built when I was his age staying with Bigmama (my great grandmother) in the house next door.  
Sweet memories.  Simple times.
Back then, my Bigmama cooked lunch every day for her husband and their brothers.  Everyone came to their house for lunch and ate together around her table. It was my job to set the table and put out the place mats and napkins.
I guess no one does that anymore now that there is a fast food joint and restaurant on every corner.
Makes me wish I had some of her vegetable soup and corn bread, and her pound cake, and her angel biscuits - miss her so much!


  1. So fun that Brodie has taken an interest in golf! And your pool looks amazing...y'all sure do use it a lot too! I guess I keep missing you at church because I haven't seen you around, will have to purposefully bump into you soon!

  2. Sorry about the job. Maybe something else will come up. I hope your funk doesn't last. I'll send some prayers your way!

  3. I am sorry the job didn't work out.
    And that is so sweet of b making tents at grandmother's.


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