Monday, April 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday {Date Night} {Friends} {Fun} {Snakes}

Saturday night, I took the boys to "Mother & Son Date Night" at Chick-fil-a.  
They had several activities for the kids.
It was fun!
Oh, and the new Chick-fil-a Cookie = AMAZING!!!!

Later, we hung out for a while at our friends' house
...and sported our Dollar Store Sun Hats!
and watched the kids have a blast  
they love each other so much :)

sweet babies - even the big ones!
and as soon as the sun went down
the moon came up
and the "moons" came out!
Thank goodness it was dark.

We were off today.  It was a teacher furlough day.  Of course I miss the pay, but being at home was soooo nice.
In fact, it was excellent!
And now it will only be a four day work week - yay!


B becoming obsessed with snakes.  I can't take it!  
This is his new favorite book.  I can't stand to look at the pictures.  I am serious!  
Since this thing has been in our house, I have already had a nightmare of a snake chasing me.  He wants to read me things from it constantly.
Oh and, funny story, on Friday, at my Grandmother's, he told my Mother he was going outside to find a snake in the yard.  Well guess what?!  
HE FOUND ONE!  A rat snake in a tree.  UNBELIEVABLE.
I told him he BETTER NOT go looking for snakes in our yard.
I bet I have nightmares again tonight just for writing about this.


I have had a lot of randomness on my mind lately....
~I am totally burned out on food.  Need fresh ideas for dinner for children who won't eat anything and a husband who won't say what he wants.
~I need to get back in gear with cardio workouts - SIGH.
~How did such an anal-retentive person [me] become so unorganized?
~Please Lord, let my summer job work out.
~Figuring a way to swing a family beach trip.  Soon.  Please.  Lord.

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  1. Mother and son date night- very cute! I didn't even like seeing a picture of that snake book! Gave me the shivers. I suppose that's something I have to look forward to, having a boy now. Celia's really into worms, but so far not snakes luckily.

  2. Love Chick-fil-a & haven't had it in months & months & months. The cookie looks amazeballs! Love your hats! Not a fan of snakes AT ALL. Good luck on your summer job.

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend.
    I hope your summer job works out. my fingers are crossed for you.

  4. i got one of those "chick-fil-a" cookies today and you're right... "Amazing"


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