Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012 - Such Fun!!

I have said it before, and I really mean it now....
Easter has officially become my favorite holiday!
I love the meaning behind it {hello, eternal life is pretty great!}
and I love the fact that it is fun for the kids - without being overwhelming like Christmas can be.
 The boys had a great time opening their baskets.
 My cute bunnies! :)
 This was B's "charge it!" pose as he was hoping to find the most eggs.
Sadly, our grass wasn't cut, so I didn't get to take good pictures in the yard.
Someone stole our lawn mower!  On Easter Weekend!
Isn't it extra evil to steal during Holy Week?
 I hope the thief is using it to cut grass and make a living so they won't have to steal anymore -ha!
 This year, our church rented the local RiverCenter, as we don't have a large facility.
We have been in prayer since February for God to send 2000 people to the service to hear of his love.
Most importantly, we have prayed for 100 decisions of faith.
Each week, on Wednesday at lunch, various people from our church met and walked around the building in prayer about the upcoming event.
Can I just tell you that on Thursday before Easter, ALL of the 2000 tickets were taken!!
We did not sell tickets, they were free, but the RiverCenter requires everyone have a ticket. 
There was an electricity in the air, and it wasn't just from the glow sticks!
Jenna Allen's picture
There were glow sticks under each seat for the children to light and sing during a rocked out version of This Little Light of Mine.  Let me just say that many adults were raising their lights, too! even the Canadian
Here is a quick video clip.
 After the service we went down a block to the Columbus State University greenspace overlooking the Chattahoochee River for our Helicopter Egg Drop.
They had games for the kids while we waited for the big moment.
They made 3 trips and dropped 8,000 eggs!!
The children had a blast! 
 B hung out with his school buddy all day - they have missed each other during spring break!
 b did not wish to run for eggs. 
He caught sight of the easter bunny and it was all over for him.
He does not do costumed characters!
He sat down in protest.
 Afterward, we had snow cones, and a picnic and enjoyed the sunshine.
 The weather was beautiful!
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the volunteers who made it happen.
I felt like a total loser for not volunteering.  Normally, I do volunteer at our church.
I struggled with the decision for weeks, but since I couldn't be sure that my Mom or the Canadian would come, and because I wasn't sure as to how b would react in the kid's program in a different building, and because there was no program for B's age, I just was afraid to chance committing to being a volunteer and then it all to fall apart.
I decided there will be plenty of other opportunities for me in years to come when the boys are older. 
 After all of that, we went to my grandmother's to visit.  This is my Mother with the boys.  I never got a picture of my grandmother, as she does not sit still anymore.  She is still hanging in there!
 We hid and hunted eggs.  Again.
 B is SO competitive.  He wants to win win win everything!  Makes me a little nervous.
 My sister and her new hubs (remember them?) brought me niece to church but they slipped away before I took their picture down at the RiverCenter.
 b enjoyed playing on Randy's motorcycle.
 Randy rides him around the yard on it with the radio blasting - 
yesterday it was David Allan Coe's The Ride - LOL!
I don't let him go on the road.  I am too freaky about that.
 Finally, we made it back home.  The boys had MORE chocolate.
 I scrubbed their teeth later!
 They relaxed for a while and the Canadian stayed in watching the Masters.
 Then B decided we should try out his new soccer goal - SIGH.
 I had to draw myself a goal to shoot at.
b kept score (notice his markings).  I was WORN out!  

I learned that I am a horrible soccer player.  B was THRILLED.
Then, if you can believe it - we hid MORE eggs!  b hid them for me and B to find.
I was glad we got to use them, though, because I had forgotten to bring them to my grandmother's earlier.
We had worked hard dying them while watching the Ten Commandments the night before - all 4 of us!
I love our new traditions.
I love Jesus!
I love Easter!
I love lamp.

Happy Monday!


  1. I agree, I really, really enjoy Easter. It seemed to be right in the middle of lots of other business this year, so I hope we gave it the attention it deserved. Libby's birhtday always falls right before or right after, so I usually down play the Easter basket. But that's probably a good thing since it's not about the "stuff", rather Jesus' great act of love.

    Church at the RiverCenter looked cool! I can't believe they filled the entire theater. Amazing!

  2. Love the Easter pictures! And can I just tell you, Blayd is a CRAZY CUTE kid!! He came up to me several times in the MyKidz area and seriously, was as cute as he could be! And he made me laugh! You made the right decision re: volunteering...Travis has kindly asked me not to volunteer next year...I think getting the kids to church and my parents to boot was extra frenzied without me! So, lesson learned!

  3. Sounds like a great day but I'm exhausted just reading about it! The motorcycle is something else!

  4. The motorcycle would be fun for a kid but I have no interest.
    It looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend.


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