Monday, March 19, 2012

Canadian Invasion {March Break}

We had a crazy busy week last week!  We had SIX house guests!  Our friends from Canada came to visit during their March break.  
B and b had a BLAST having 4 other kids in the house.
Now, the pool is not warm enough for this Southern Girl, but the Canucks didn't mind.  It was plenty HOT outside.  We have had some record temps recently.
b enjoyed having someone to draw with.
B enjoyed having someone to play games and dance with. 
 BTW - if you haven't tried Just Dance for the Wii, it is HIGH-larious.  I almost died laughing.  It's a great workout, too!
It is amazing you can get this many kids together for 7 straight days and have virtually no arguments, disrespectfulness, etc. 
Good kids. 
 I was with the kids a lot, as their Mom, Lisa, and our resident Canadian, Doug, were busy getting the new studio open. 
It was hectic planning meals and such for 6 kids!  
I always thought I would like a big family of my own,  but I am not sure I ever considered the amazing amounts of certain things you need - things like towels, dishes, silverware, toilet paper, and especially milk!
But, even though it was tiring, it was altogether fun and the kids really loved getting together.
Cody, almost 16 now, {time flies} visited Auburn University while he was here.  
He is considering coming to the states for college.  (One point for Sue & Trish)
We tried to explain that University of Alabama is the way to go (Beth, help!), but he won't listen right now.  
The Canadians know nothing about the SEC college football "machine".
My sister tried to explain that while we prefer him at UA, we can tolerate him at AU since it is so close to us, or even at Ole Miss (Hottie Toddy, Ruth, & Elizabeth!), but Florida, Georgia, and LSU are out of the question.
(I am sure you understand, Traci, and you'll be happy to know that it sparked a sudden interest for him and now he is threatening to get an LSU hat!)
Happy Monday!
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  1. So much fun! Too bad the spring breaks didn't coincide! Just ate at Your Pie for the first time and saw the Goga Studio, great location! And tell Cody "War Eagle"! I LOVED every.single.second I was at Auburn!

  2. You need me to help convince him to go to Bama? Okay, let me borrow him for an hour or so! :)

    Can't believe the kids were in the pool. It was warm, but I know that water was cold!

    I'm with you on the food and supplies for six kids. Has to be SO expensive!

  3. I suppose I understand.....

    Our pool is getting warm. I swear with this crazy weather we may actually swim in March!

  4. It looks like fun! I am glad it went so smoothly.
    Thanks for the shout out. And yes the best option is Ole Miss. Hopefully he sees the light like I did as I was 6 months from going to Auburn when I woke up and saw the light.


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