Saturday, February 11, 2012

Youth Hockey Night & Legends Weekend {Part One}

 So around C-town, it's Legend's Weekend.  Every few years the local professional hockey team has a weekend where they invite former players, dubbed as "Legends", to return for a reunion game.
Our Canadian is one of those "Legends" lol!
Last night was the kick off, and it was also Youth Hockey Night.
Brodie got to take the ice before the game and during the first intermission for a scrimmage display of his mad hockey skills. :)

He asked me if he was the best one out there, and I told him I thought he was.
He said, rather dramatically, "I just have to be the best, because hockey is my life!"
 My future Little Legend enjoyed signing autographs with his Old Mann.
 B thought this was SUPER fun.
 B's buddy Tripp came up to get his stick signed.
 Blayd wasn't as in to it, but he had fun.  He still refuses to play hockey.
Says it's "dangerous".
 "Dangerous Dougie Mann", as he was known back in the day, is featured on the sleeve of the commemorative Legends Jersey.
 These jerseys will be auctioned off at the end of tonight's festivities. 
Before the regular hockey game, the Legends will play in an exhibition game against our local army base's new hockey team.
I hope Doug doesn't get killed.
He is not a physically fit 20-something anymore.


  1. It looks like fun. And it sounds like someone is growing up to be like his Dad

  2. Dangerous Dougie Mann!! Love it! We're planning to come see a game with a group of friends in early March. I'll channel Doug and Brodie while I'm there!

  3. Hockey is my life? Hilarious!!! What a fun thing for B to do with his Dad. WE're planning on getting Deaglan into hockey next year but I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it.


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