Monday, February 27, 2012

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We had a busy weekend working on opening the new studio.  What studio you ask?  
more on that later...

b got a Woody doll this weekend and has been quite hilarious with it.  Woody has been his "best friend" and they have done everything together.
He also made this cute game - he put it in this basket and everything!  He drew Lightning McQueen and Mater from Disney Pixar Cars and he drew "crash sounds".  To play, you put the vehicles in the middle of the crashes and they have a wreck when a little Chick Hicks car hits them.
He has really been wanting to draw "sounds"recently.  When we painted the rainbows last week, he kept wanting me to draw the sound that the sun makes.  I asked him what the sun sounded like and he made a sing-songy humming sound.  I wonder if he really hears that?

 We went for yogurt after church Sunday.  I tried to ignore what was behind me...
In case you forgot, I have a major obsession weakness for cupcakes.
Later that day, B made his first "friend phone call".  He had visited a friend Saturday night for some Nintendo ds action, and by Sunday morning, he had a list of questions he wanted to ask his buddy about how to "unlock characters".  It was the cutest conversation ever!  They were so serious.

I am super busy at work right now.  So much to do, and I can hardly think about it all.  I enjoy my job, but it is hard to keep my head in the game when it is really not my passion right now.  My passion is my family, and something else that is simmering under the surface. 

Lent began last Wednesday.  I am for the most part giving up dinner, liquids only after 5.  It certainly won't hurt me to miss any meals.  Like clockwork, Satan swooped in causing problems last week, and let me be honest, I have been hungry!  I have been reminded to pray, though, and felt more connected with God.  I am also back into my Bible Study with a renewed passion.  Can't wait to see what He shows me during this season.

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  1. The first friend phone call- so cute! It must have been so much fun to listen to.

  2. Sounds awesome, really trusting God through that evening meal! Cool! Can't wait to have you share this week!

  3. I'm intrigued with this studio business.... A new cupcake bakery just opened fairly close to my house. I'm trying to refrain. We'll see how long that last. That's an awesome sacrifice for Lent. I couldn't figure out what I was going to do for Lent so I finally decided to focus on my Daily Devotional. Since I started reading the Chronological Bible at the beginning of the year I'd neglected the devotions. So far so good.

  4. So cute B had his first friend call.


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