Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look What I Found In My Yard Yesterday...

 Isn't it wonderful?!
  Spring is on the way!
 Regrowth, rebirth, renewal,
so refreshing!
Makes me so happy that 
I don't even mind the weeds adding their splash of color 
helping to push old man winter
into a distant memory.



  1. So. Jealous! Everything is all brown & blah here. :(

  2. So. Jealous! Everything is all brown & blah here. :(

  3. Pretty! I can't wait to see some of that up here, but I think we're getting a snow storm tonight :/

    On an unrelated note, would you mind if I use some of the text you wrote for your comment box on my own blog? I'm always disappointed when I try to respond to a comment but can't. I like how you worded your note on that.

  4. So pretty! Before we left on the cruise all of my azaleas were starting to bloom. I was so excited to see them full of blooms & my Indian Hawthorns in full bloom when we came home. It's going to be 80 today.

  5. Blooms already? I did notice our Bradford Pear tree has started putting out buds. Maybe it will bloom soon!

    And yes, that was little George. Quirky is the right word for him, he is a mess! After a round or two of the game, he took over the bell-ringing duties and he was hilarious! He kept running from table to table with the bell! ;)

  6. So hoping mine will bloom this year!


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