Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Weekend {miscellany monday}

We have been enjoying our long weekend at Casa de Mann!  Our local artists have been busy painting.

b is really into drawing the Cars characters these days.  I need to post some of his other work, which is amazingly detailed for his age (proud mom moment-ha!).

B was painting the Mario Bros characters.  We got into a discussion this weekend about the origin of Mario in the Donkey Kong game.  I pulled it up on the computer to show B, and I was shocked at the pitiful graphics.  I had forgotten how primitive we were back in the day haha!
  We quickly found that it is impossible to play Donkey Kong without a joystick and a side ponytail.  Frogger is a different story, though and I might have played for hours a while to get through Round 1.  I might have played Pac Man for hours  a while too.  Here is a link to the site  you know you want to play, too!
 ANYway, back to painting, b also did a few "self portraits" and this fire ant...
I like him a lot!
Not to be out done, I added to the collection.

Yesterday, we went to visit Nanny after church.  She was having a pretty good day.  She was up scooting around with and without her walker.  She had washed some dishes and some clothes...after Mother showed her how to use the washer again.  Her mind is pretty sharp these days, but some things confuse her, like the day/date, and apparently the washer dials.  After all the laundry she has done in her life, she probably blocked it out - ha!
Blayd announced, "Hey everybody! I am going to read a book to Nanny!"
I was glad.  They have always been so close, but since she has been ill, we have had to keep him from climbing all over her and so it has been a while since I have seen them piled up in their chair together.
Time goes quickly.

Well, we are off to enjoy this last day of the long weekend.  
What are you up to this Monday?
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  1. i love your blog super cute! I love all the pics and couldn't help but notice the mater teeth sucker my little girl loves those and all things cars as well lol! What cute drawings sweet visits and a great weekend

  2. What a fun way to spend the long weekend. The Fire ant looks great.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad y'all were able to spend time with your Nanny. I refuse to go to that site because I CANNOT get sucked into anything else on the computer! I used to love Frogger & Pacman. I liked Asteroids on the Atari too!


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