Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Randomness! {sick} {grammys} {1 cat} {2 birds} {help} {dr.oz}

We are "off work" today~translation~...furloughed....but even without pay, I am enjoying being home because

so my Legends posts were interrupted by a horrible stomach episode.  I started vomiting at 10pm on Sunday night and it continued for the next 12 hours, and other sickness continued for a total of 24.  I was exhausted for 48.  
The Canadian says he has never seen anything so violent. We think I ate bad shrimp, but it could have been a virus and we just got lucky that no one else got it.  I have no immunity after all of my health issues this past year, so it wouldn't be shocking that it only hit me.
Of course I was watching the Grammy's at the time it erupted, so it could have been some kind of voodoo zapping me from the absolute freaks on that show this year.
I am truly beginning to loathe awards shows.
These people are not my heroes and not role models for how society should be.
Am I becoming an old fuddy-duddy?

okay y'all. .. I am really really sick of getting up every morning
and tending to a cat and 2 birds - in addition to getting myself and 2 boys out of the door.  I just can't take it!  
I did not ask for these animals!
Can I be honest for a second?
I fantasize about how I might get rid of them.
Nothing mean or cruel.
Just gone.
And I breathe a sigh of relief.
And then I feel guilty.

Speaking of help...
am I the only person in the wide world who hasn't seen and/or read The Help?
I remember when I used to have time to read.
I remember when I used to see grown-up movies.
I am even behind on my bible studies.
need. more. hours. in. the. day.

I like being off of work so I can watch Dr. Oz and The Doctors.  
Here is the thing though, after watching a few episodes, I feel so overwhelmed by all of the healthy things I should be doing.  
Is it really possible to implement all of their recommendations?  
How do you know which ones are most important and most effective?
makes. me. tired.

What are you up to this Friday?


  1. Glad you're feeling better....and glad no one else in your family has gotten it! I have zero suggestions for the birds and cat...not a fan of tiny creatures myself. I can imagine they make for lots of extra work! :(
    I must be a fuddy duddy too...we didnt even turn on the grammys...I probably wouldn't even know who half those celebrities are! Yep, I'm getting old! I did happen to see two Dr. Oz show's this week...both on losing weight. Both had tons of information...but seemed like he was jumping from one thing to the next! I took away one thing he said- find something that works for you. I'm good at trying something for 2 or 3 days...and then I'm done!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Two things. I.hate.awards.shows. I think I used to like them but like you I find those people so undeserving of the adoration our society gives them!!! And I haven't read/seen the Help either. I can barely get five minutes of tv time without Deaglan asking if he can have his show.

    I guess three things - stop watching Dr Oz and the Doctors:) It will only make you feel terrible. Watch hoarders or my weird addiction. You'll be feeling wonderful about yourself in no time:)

  3. If you are on old fuddy duddy than so am I. I didn't watch them - 0 interest, kinda the same way I felt about the death of MJ & now Whitney. Guess that makes me cold hearted, but they were their own demise. Grieve for their families, but really tired of hearing about it,
    Leave Possible outside. Can't help with the birds though. :)
    Find a way to see The Help! Great movie, got it from RedBox. Maybe the Canadian can keep the boys one evening & we can do a girl's night!!!
    I miss you!!!!

  4. Ugh! I'm glad you're better. I'm with you on the Grammy's. What a freak show. No wonder the world is as screwed up as it is. I've read & seen The Help. It was really good. I really enjoyed them both.

  5. Sorry you were sick. That does NOT sound like it was pretty. Boo. :(

    I'm with you on awards shows. I actually watched about 30 minutes of the Grammys, which is unusual for me. I, too, feel like the extreme ploys of some of the "artist" (being way sarcastic there) are tacky and in poor taste. And it disgust me that this is who our kids will be pressured to listen to. Pu-lease!

    Our cat has been acting out lately and we are in serious discussions about what to do with him, especially with a second baby on the way. So I feel you!

    Enjoy your long weekend! I wish I was off today, too.

  6. I feel for you with the unwanted pets. I do NOT want a dog, and I know Chris will get us one someday anyway and I'll be the one who has to deal with the dog all day long. Gah! I can't watch the award shows at all. I just have no interest.

  7. Ok, last week, I saw our fish floating in the tank and was so happy....... then it was swimming and I was so sad. I can't even imagine 2 birds..... so I understand.


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