Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Randomness {phone dump} {confessions} {lessons} {etc.}

I have missed Miscellany Monday for 2 weeks in a row!  As a result, my brain is boiling over with randomness to share.  I must purge...
With all of the on and off warm days and sunshine I have had some serious Spring Fever lately!  I cannot wait to be out by the pool enjoying the sunshine on a regular basis.  
On another note, I need a pedicure.  Bad.
One of the Canadian's buddies returned this towel to us this past weekend.  He has had it for 4 years.  It was so weird when I saw it, as Brodie just turned 6, and this was his very first beach towel (given to him by my very sweet friend, Karen).  The towel is a little faded, but still in good shape.  Funny how a silly thing like a towel can evoke deep, deep, nostalgia.  The minute I saw it I was taken back to holding my baby boy in my arms with that towel wrapped around him.  I almost buried my face in it and cried.
Blayd loves dental floss.  He has found many, many uses for it.
He also still loves hanging out with Possible.  Even when it is just for a cat nap.
I got a little depressed this week.  I bought these and didn't share them with a soul.  I have been on a veggie kick ever since.  Must. Get. Back. In. Shape.
I love Kevin Bacon in Footloose.  I never grow tired of this movie or the soundtrack.
Brodie has had his face stuck in his new DS since his birthday Monday.  I am thinking we will need to place a time limit if the newness doesn't wear off soon.  He said, "I sure do loovveee DSes.  They are the BEST birthday gift ever!"
 Inspired by my friend, Traci, I cleaned out the medicine cabinet recently.  You have to do these kinds of things when the hoarder Canadian isn't around.  
Some bottles expired in 1998 - SERIOUSLY.
I forgot to take a before picture.  I still think there is too much crap in here, but this is soooo much better.  So refreshing to be able to get right to what you need.
I recently learned how to tell if foods are organic, genetically altered, or regular/chemically grown.  
These bananas have a 4 digit number indicating they are regular/chemically grown.
This apple has a "9" in front of the 4-digit number, indicating it is organic.
If there were an "8" in front of the 4-digit number, it would indicate genetic alterations....which I haven't soundly verified, but I have heard tales of mutating frog genes with tomatoes so they can withstand the cold.
Read more about these Frankenfoods (if you dare)  here...

Happy Friday!


  1. The dental floss is so funny. I love the things little guys come up with. I have to clean our medicine box in secret too. Chris doesn't understand why I'd throw out "perfectly good" medicines that have expired several years ago.

  2. Haha!! So glad I inspired someone!!! The cupcakes look amazing!!!

  3. that is an interesting use of floss Blayd has.

    I need to work on cleaning out my medicine bucket.

  4. Uh about Footloose - you and me both sister!!!

    I adore that picture of your baby on the couch. I'm going to look into this ability to tell if things are organic of not.


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