Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Today's random & miscellaneous and catching up...

{1} Last week, we watched the BCS Championship at home.  The Canadian and his buddy from back home did a low country boil - it was great!  
We did our best to explain the magnitude of college football and of this game to our visiting friend, but I don't think you can really "get it" unless you grew up around here.

{2} I still haven't made any resolutions.  Maybe I really won't this year!  I know I need to get fit, eat better, etc.  Do I really need to proclaim a resolution to make it official?

{3} B got a great report card again - can you believe all of these pages make up his report card?  
This is what I call "data overload"!  I think it is great if you are an educator, but regular parents just need to see the grade.
B also lost another tooth - that makes 3 total!   
b got a good report, too, and he is in line to be the Valedictorian of scissors/cutting practice. The Canadian says that is because are the only parents who let our kids play with scissors!  (not true, he is just real sneaky!)
He has been hugging Possible extra tight lately, as his best buddy, my grandmother's cat, Mr. Purr Lee, isn't around anymore.  Purr Lee had been whining and crying since Nanny has been sick and wants to stay right up on her bed on top of her.  He was driving her and my Mother crazy, so he got sent to my Aunt's house.

{4} My Aunt and I started working on a little project yesterday - you know one of those "quick" projects, that should take an hour, but ends up taking days.  Yeah, a simple scarf has turned in to a 2 day ordeal due to not having the right kind of foot, needle, and due to us not knowing where the manual to my grandmother's sewing machine is (and having no internet connection there to look it up).
Anyway, B had fun "helping" and we have it all ready to go, now.  I will post a picture when we are finished.

{5} We are off to the ice rink today.  B got new skates since he hit a grow spurt and the old ones are too tight.
I am SO SICK of the cold weather here, I cannot believe I am subjecting myself to an even colder atmosphere.  Oh well, at least I am not at work!

Enjoy your Miscellany Monday MLK Holiday!
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  1. It was 37 here yesterday & I couldn't get warm! YUCK! I wish today was a holiday for me but sadly I'm at work. Yay for B & his great report card. Although, that does look like a bit much for the average parent.

  2. Okay, that report card scares me. Do all schools do this? If so, I need to start preparing now since Libby starts in a year and a half!

    The picture of Blayd also reminds me a Libby and our cat, Riley. Except Riley doesn't really welcome the hugs and body slams that his sister is offering! :/ Poor cat!

  3. No one can understand football in the South unless you live it...... you just can't explain it. Way to go on the report card!! And I'm sick of cole weather, too.

  4. What a fun post! Although the missing tooth hole gave me the shivers. I'm not sure why, but teeth falling out always makes me shudder!

    Sending you a hug for a Happy Friday!

  5. I really want to take up sewing but have no room in my house to set up a station. Yay to the good report cards!!!


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