Monday, January 9, 2012

Miscellany Monday

Here are the most random of random thoughts on my mind this Monday!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

(1) Well, we are back at work this week after a LONG Christmas Break (made longer by teacher furlough days).  Being that my grandmother is ill and my Mother is caring for her, I had no "babysitters" during the break.  Working will almost be like a vacation - but I will miss my little devils.
Entire bottle of Waterproof SPF - Super FUN Clean up! :/

(2) Notice the remodeling/paint in the background of the above picture of b?  I am about to get on some "fixing up" of Casa de Mann.  I am feeling chocolate, khaki, turquoise, lime green...but I am so not good at picking colors of paint.  I always envision it differently than it turns out.  I hope I do better this time!

(3) My grandmother had a couple of good days last week, but is back in a down turn.  I am hoping maybe it is just the Full Moon.  I love the moon, but it makes my anxiety act up.  Do any of you have problems with the moon?
Taken on Saturday, not quite full.

(4)  Today is National Championship today!!  #14???  To be or not to be??
ROLL TIDE y'all!  And to all our Auburn "friends" spouting "Geaux Tigers" let me say "Reauxll Tide"!
  Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!


  1. Love your blog header! Sounds like your days are eventful but blessed.

  2. Oh my, I wouldn't even know where to start with an entire bottle of sunscreen everywhere like that! Going to work can definitely feel like a vacation. Being home is WAY harder when you have no help, which makes me question why I'm doing it for 9 months :)

  3. Entire bottle of sunscreen? Not cool! And did you notice our Auburn "friends" sure where quiet last night? Hee hee! I loved every minute! I still can't believe how much Bama dominated and how little LSU participated. Unreal! No Honey Badger, Jefferson or Mad Hatter antics anywhere.

    I like the #14!

  4. your little devils sure are cute! : ) glad you could have a long break, even if it wasn't such a break.

  5. Since we've already talked about the game I'll move one. I have a hard time with paint colors too! Last time I let Dean pick & he did a great job!!

  6. I don't pick colours well either - Shaune does thankfully. I always go too far - pick something too bright and then when it's on the walls, too much of a hassle to change, I realize that I didn't mean for it to be so bright.

    I hope your grandma finds some ease soon. Hugs my friend.

    I agree about going back to work. Both kids were sick twice each in the two weeks we were off. Talk about exhausted!

  7. I forgot to say - OMG to the sunscreen everywhere. But gosh that kid of yours is cute.


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