Saturday, January 21, 2012

He Said What?!

Something B said...

Brodie started a string of questions the other morning on the way to school.  Most of them were of the "What school will I go to after elementary?" and "How old will I be then?" variety.  He also wanted to know what college he would attend.  I told him he could go to any college he wants, and named a few.  He asked how old he would be then, and I said, "18."

It made me swallow hard to think about it, even now. It also scared me.  It is scary sometimes thinking of all of the things that can happen in life between now and then, but I try to put it out of my mind and just hope and pray for the best.  What else can we do?

Brodie said, "EIGHTEEN?! DO you mean ANDY was EIGHTEEN when he went off to college?!"
 {insert ToyStory3 reference}. 

I said, "Yes," and as we were pulling up to the curb, he quietly thought hard for a minute and then he said, very matter-of-fact, "I think I will go to University, Mommy."  And with that he ran off happily to his Kindergarten class.

Something b said...

The other day, Blayd and I were in the car when a lady veered in our lane.  I yelled, "Watch out lady!"  At that moment, Blayd started screaming in her car's direction, "Watch out lady!  We're gonna kick your butt!" {Have I mentioned I STRONGLY dislike Spongebob and his karate episode?}

Fast forward a few days and Blayd was in the grocery line with my Mother when a lady bumped his leg with her cart as she entered the checkout area.  You guessed it, he looked straight at her and yelled, "Watch out lady!" {thank goodness he left off the Spongebob line}

My Mother apologized, explained that he was 4, and she was sorry, but that lady was ticked and made LOUD comments to her friend about his behavior and about what people "aren't teachin' they kids today" and blah blah.  Thank God, my Mother ignored her, and thank God I wasn't there.

People who don't have little kids often do not understand the lengths we go to try to get them to behave, and despite our efforts, they are kids - and kids say and do things that they shouldn't.  And we correct and punish them in the privacy of our home - not by causing scenes in the middle of a grocery store.

And many times, the bigger deal you make of something, the more they do it.

Case in point, we went to Target later that evening and as a lady on her shopping scooter whizzed toward our shopping cart he yelled out, "Watch out lady!"  Without missing a beat, I covered quickly by sweetly saying, "Don't yell at me" honey bun, I know where I am going, and I am being careful."

I think she bought it.


  1. I love it. You are a great momma! I cringe to think of the things my boys will repeat...

  2. Great cover. Poor grandma, having to take the heat. Youngest started to really get into Hannah Montana at a much too young age due to two older sisters. She started spouting off just like Miley Cyrus. The show was watched much less frequently after awhile.

  3. I'm already noticing the "more you tell them not to do it, the more they do it" phenomenom at our house! Loved how you covered for him the second time, though!!

  4. Haha 4 yr olds have little minds of their own! They're just kids and people without small children forget that! My 4yr old has caused grocery store ruckas too and I've got looks but definitely not going to discipline at the check out counter! haha Cute stories (:

  5. How cute that Brodie thought right away that Andy must be 18 because he went off to college. Kids say and think the cutest things. I agree with you...the more you focus on something sometimes the more they do it. People really do need to be more understanding. Great cover by you though! Blayd was probably really confused!

  6. Oh lordy do I know about this. WE haven't begun watching sponge bob but I'm constantly correcting deaglan for things his father has taught him:(


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